Chapter 2

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I wake up feeling much better than I did earlier.

"Tris Prior?" A woman's voice calls. I look it my left and find the woman. She's very pretty. She has beautiful, long, gleaming red hair, and ocean blue eyes. Would this be the kind of girl Tobias would leave me for? No. I need to stop thinking like this. Tobias would never leave me.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" I ask with an intimidating edge in my small voice.

"I'm Riley Scott, the new leader of the Bureau." She states, not bothering to answer my second question. Can she get me out of here?

"Can you get me to my friends?" I ask, a little too excitedly.

"I'm sorry Tris. Technically, to them, you are dead. We will keep you here for genetic testing." She says blandly. My eyes grow wide. My friends-- no, my FAMILY has no idea I'm still here, on this Earth. To make matters worse, this feels just like what happened when I sacrificed myself to Jeanine Matthews. Except this time nobody is here to save me. Not Tobias, not Peter- No one!!!

I sigh, "When can I get out off bed?" I ask, trying not to sound afraid.

"You may not get out of bed unaccompanied. But once I have a guard in here, which should be any minute now, you may get up, use the restroom and take a shower." Riley answers. Shoot. She must know that the second I get out of this bed, I'd make a run for it. I have to try though, no matter what. If not for me, then for Tobias.

A large, strong looking man walks in the room. I whimper quietly. He resembles Al. But I know it isn't him. It can't be.

"Help her out of bed please Samuel." Riley requests politely. I breathe a sigh of relief. It isn't Al.

"Yes ma'am." He replies. He walks towards the hospital bed I am occupying, and I inch away. He looks EXACTLY like Al. It's haunting.


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