Chapter 6

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"TOBIAS!" A girl screams. It sounds like Tris. Exactly like her! I whirl around, expecting to see a beautiful young woman with golden hair, and amazing blue-gray eyes. Nobody's there. No one. My brain is messing with me, I didn't hear her. But it sounded so real.

I know I'll just be let down, but I decide to check anyway. Just in case...

I turn into a foreign hallway and see...TRIS! Am I hallucinating? No, no it can't be her. She's......dead.

Wait! Is that Al? I'm definitely seeing things. Two dead people...I see them!

"Hey!" Tris yells at Al.

"I'm sorry," Al apologizes. "Nobody can know you're alive. Especially not him!" Is she really alive?

"Samuel, please. Please let me see him! If you let me, I'll stay here, I promise! Just let me say goodbye!" Tris begs. Samuel? That's his name? If it's not Al, then this must be real...

"TRIS!" I yell joyfully. I run to her, pick her up, and spin hr around. She giggles.

"You're alive!" I scream. I lean in and kiss her passionately. Tears run down my face, and hers.

"I missed you." Tris states, pulling away. She smiles. I really, REALLY missed her gorgeous smile.

"I missed you too," I whisper. "I love you Tris."


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