Chapter 46

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We walk to our apartment in complete silence. A few tears roll down my cheeks, and I quickly wipe them away before Tobias can see.

We enter the apartment, and I sit down on the couch.

"Tris? What was that about?" Asks Tobias.

"I think you know what that was about..." I say.

"Fear #7?"

I nod. "That's not all of it though..."

"What?" He asks, curious.

I take a deep breath and pull my shirt up to the bottom of my ribs. Tobias' breath hitches.

"Oh my God." He states, staring at my scarred stomach.

"I couldn't let them see this. I didn't even want you to. But, you deserved to know."

"I--I knew he...hit you there. But, I didn't know it would leave this many...scars." He says breathlessly.

I have a thick, long scar running across my stomach, and about 5 smaller ones in that general area.

I pull my shirt back down.

"Tris..." He hugs me tightly. "I'm so sorry."

"You already knew I had some scars though." I say.

"I didn't know about those." He says, pointing at my stomach.

"I love you." I say sincerely.

"I love you too." He kisses me gently. "You tired?"

I nod.

"Let's go to bed." He suggests.

I get changed into one if Tobias' t-shirts, and crawl into bed.

We fall asleep in each others arms.


The next morning we have to wake up early, because we have to decide who to pair up for the fights.

We decide on:





ALASKA--not fighting.

The initiates walk into the training room, and huddle together to chat while Tobias and I set up punching bags.

"ALRIGHT!" I yell to get their attention. When all eyes are on Tobias and I, he says, "Today, Six and I will train you to fight. After today, you will be put up against other initiates to spar."

They look scared half to death.

"Grab a punching bag!" I yell. They scurry to the punching bags.

Tobias shows them a few punches, and they try it out.

Tobias walks over to me, and says, "you take the first 4. I'll teach the last 5."

I nod, and help Hartlyn.

"Hartlyn, you're small, like me, so you need to use your knees and elbows for power. Like this." I show her, and she copies my movement.

"Thanks Six." She says gratefully.

"No problem. Keep working."

Next, I move to Whit.

His punches are sloppy, and aimed incorrectly.

"Whit, really put some power into--"

"Six, you look good today." He cuts me off, and smirks. I scowl.

"As I was saying--"

"You wanna go out for dinner tonight?" He asks as a statement more than a question. "I'll pick you up at--"

I interrupt him by punching him hard in the nose.

"I'm taken." I growl.

I don't help him any further, and I move on to the next initiate. Then, I notice everyone staring at me. Even Tobias.

"Did I say stop?!?" I yell menacingly. Everyone quickly gets back to practicing.

I'm scowling at the initiates, when I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn Around, and see Tobias.

"You ok? Why'd you punch an initiate?" He asks.

"Not now. I'll tell you later." He just shrugs.

After an hour more of training, Tobias yells, "LUNCH!"

The initiates file out, and he walks over to me.

"You gonna tell me what's wrong?" He asks, straightforward.

I sigh, "Whit asked me out..."


Tobias curses loudly.

"I'm going to make him factionless." Tobias grumbles.

"No, don't do that. It's uncalled for. He'll back off once he knows about us." I assure him.

I kiss him on the cheek, and suggest, "Let's go get lunch." He nods, and we walk to the Cafeteria.


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