Chapter 9

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I have searing pain in my arm. Guards surround Tris, and I try to scream to distract them from her, but I'm in too much pain. Tris can't die today. I just got her back.

I see Christina yell something, but I can't hear her. The pain is too overwhelming.

Next thing I know, Tris is by my side. She leans down and whispers, "It's ok Tobias. You're ok. We're all ok. Just hang on for a few minutes, and we will get you to a hospital. I love you." A sigh of relief escapes my mouth. Tris is alright. I won't lose her.

The pain in my arm has subsided a bit, but not much. I watch Tris get up and hug Christina.

I notice a woman with red hair in the corner. She's pretty. But not nearly as beautiful as Tris.

The woman walks over to Christina and Tris, who are still embracing one another.

When Tris looks up, and sees the woman, she looks terrified. I want to get up and comfort her, but when I try, I feel a burst of pain, and everything goes black.



I watch Riley as she shuffles over to Christina and I.

"Tris," She says in a hushed tone, "May I speak with you......alone?" She looks between me and Christina.

"Um, sure." I respond hesitantly. I get on my tip-toes and whisper to Christina, "Watch my back. Just in case something happens." She nods.

Christina walks over to Tobias. He lays unconscious on the cold floor. I start to worry, will he be ok?

"I'll be over here, helping Tobias..." She tells Riley.

Riley takes my wrist and pulls me to the side.

"I will let you go," She says quietly.

"Really?" I interrupt her.

"Yes. But if you go, Samuel dies. I know what he did. He helped you." She whispers menacingly.

My face instantly becomes pale.

"You have 4 days to decide if you will stay or go." She states. I watch her walk away, curvy hips swaying. I can't help but think, would Tobias ever leave me for a girl--no, woman-- like her? I still look like a small girl, where as she looks like an adult. She is only about 1 year older than Tobias.

Wait, I'm off topic. I need to be thinking about what to do. But for now, I'll just help Christina with Tobias.


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