Chapter 24

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After about 10 minutes of torture--for me and her--Tris comes out of the simulation crying.

She looks at me.

"Tobias!" She yells, struggling against her restraints.

"It's ok Tris. You're ok. Don't worry." I coo.

She is crying hysterically now, and I look over to Marcus. He has a smirk on his face. He's enjoying this?!?

"Marcus, let me go!" Tris screams.

I stare at her with wide eyes. Doesn't she know better?

"Please! Just let me go! You've done enough!" She says, in a quiet, defeated voice.

"Hmmm... Maybe later." Marcus taunts.

"Marcus..." I say quietly. "Can't you let her out of her chair for a couple minutes so I can calm her down? She's too weak to fight you right now." I pressure.

"No." He says sternly.

"Please! Please just let me up for a few moments!" Tris cries harder.

"Will you stop your blubbering if I let you up?" Marcus questions.

She slowly nods.

"You will get right back in your chair in 2 minutes, understand?" He talks to Tris as if she is a 5 year old.

He unties her feet first, then her hands. She tries to stand up, but fails. She is still bleeding and swollen.

"Can you help her over here?" I ask.

Marcus groans in response.

He practically throws her to me. Tris yelps.

She crawls into my lap, and buries her head into my shoulder. Hugging my torso, she cries. I can't hug her back, because my hands are tied, so I kiss her head.

"You're gonna be ok, I promise." I whisper soothingly.

I feel something on my hands, and hear Tris quietly say, "Shhhh..."

She's untying me!

"Two minutes are up." Marcus tells us.

She looks at me, fear in her eyes. I give a slight nod, to tell her that she untied my hands completely. I quickly kiss her tear stained cheek.

Marcus drags her into her chair, and ties her up again.

"Let's get on with the show, shall we?" Marcus says menacingly.

Tris stifles a sob, fear evident in her eyes.

"Let's use my personal favorite!" He pulls out his belt, with the nails.

Not again!

I try to pry my feet away from the chair, but they are bound by a thick rope.


Marcus pulls back his "favorite" belt, and whips Tris' cheek, and pulls downward. Her flesh rips, and she screams, tears squeezing past her tightly closed eyelids.

That's it. I'm not letting this happen again. I find a ton of strength deep down inside of me, and pull my feet from the chair.


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