Chapter 39

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"Today, initiates, Six and I will be teaching you the proper technique to use when throwing knives." Tobias says.

"Why is this relevant?" An Erudite girl asks. I think her name is.... Kassidi?

"So you can do this." I say, quickly picking up a knife, and throwing it at her, missing her head by a centimeter.

The color drained from her face, and she looked like she wanted to pee herself.

I smirk. "Don't question training."

They all nod vigorously. Tobias tries very hard to hide his smile.

"Grab 3 knives, and pick a target!" Tobias yells.

As they get started, I walk over to Tobias.

"That was hilarious!" He whispers.

"This is the best job ever." I agree.

We separate to help initiates. I go to one side of the room, and he goes to the other.

I start off watching Jedediah.

"Jedediah? Can I call you Jed? I like that better."

"Y-Yeah, I guess." He stutters.

"Your stance is off. Stand like this." I show him my feet. Shoulder width apart. His eyes wander. Ewwww.

Tobias notices. He's trying NOT to explode all over him.

"Six? Can you come help Alaska? She's built more like you. I can help Jedediah." He says through clenched teeth.

"It's Jed now." I correct him. "And sure."

I walk over to Alaska. She hasn't hit the target yet.

"Hey, Alaska," I start. "Make your movements quick, and sharp. Your stance is already perfect. Really focus on where you want the knife to go."

She does what I tell her, and her knife sticks on the edge of the target.

"Thanks!" She says too perkily. She almost goes in for a hug, but decides against it.

I lean in close to her, "You aren't in Amity anymore. Get used to it."

She nods nervously.

"Six!" I hear.

I look away from Alaska.

"Can you stand in front of the target? They don't understand the purpose if precision, and focus." Tobias explains.

I nod, and jog to the target in the middle.

"Ready?" He asks, as the initiates gather to watch.

"Yup." I say, popping the 'p'.

He aims, and throws quickly. I don't flinch. The initiates gasp.

My stomach feels funny. I feel sick.

After he throws the second knife, I realize why. I'm imagining the belt with the nails flying toward me, whenever the knife is thrown at me.

My knees feel weak. Two more. Just two more.

I close my eyes, and hear, "Eyes open." He taps between his eyebrows, imitating himself from when I was an initiate. Does he know how much this is emotionally hurting me?

I take a deep shaky breath, and focus on his eyes.

He throws, and my whole body screams for me to cringe, or run, or do SOMETHING. But, I fight it.

"You about done?" He asks jokingly.

"No." I say. But, I'm really thinking, yes.

He throws the last one and says, "LUNCH! Everybody out!"

The initiates file out of the room, and Tobias walks up to me, smiling.

"Just like when I was your trainer." He smirks.

"Yeah..." I say uncomfortably.

"Hey," He touches my arm. "What's wrong?"

"It--It was just hard not to, you know, imagine the...the belt." I say quietly, looking down.

He frowns. "Tris. I'm so sorry. If I would've known--"

"It's ok." I cut him off.

"L-Let's just go to lunch." I say still shaken.

"Ok." He says.

I can't get the image out of my head. I shiver.

"Tobias." I say.

"Yeah?" He responds.

I hug him tight.

"I'm sorry." He apologizes again.

"It's fine. Really." I say.


When we get to lunch, I'm still getting over what happened in training. But, I'm proud of myself. I'm stronger than before. I didn't shed a tear.

Tobias gets in line, and I sit next to Christina, Zeke, and Uriah. Some initiates are also sitting with us.

The only open seat for Tobias to sit in is next to Zeke. I guess it's better that the initiates don't see us next to each other. They might get suspicious.

He walks to the table with two trays. He sees the initiates, and walks out of the double doors. After a few minutes, I also go out.

He is waiting outside in the hallway, still with two trays.

"Sorry." I say, kissing his cheek.

"It's fine. You go eat, I'll be there in a few minutes." He insists.

"Bye." I say.

I walk back into the Cafeteria, and take a seat in between Christina, and Hartlyn.

"Hey T-Six." Christina almost reveals my name. I give her a death glare.

'Sorry' she mouths. I shrug.

"So, you wanna introduce me to the initiates?" She asks excitedly.

"Ok. This is Hartlyn, Brandon, Viviana, Whit, Jed, Wisty, Harvey, Alaska, and Kassidi." I say.

"OMG, Hartlyn I LOVE your name!" She tells her.

"Thank you." She smiles.

Tobias walks in, and sits by Zeke.

"What do you want to work on tomorrow?" He asks Zeke, Uriah, and I.

"Guns?" I suggest.

"Sounds good." Says Uriah.


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