Chapter 4

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I walk into the dorms at the Bureau, and see Caleb sitting on his bed, head in his hands.

"Caleb, are you alright?" Christina asks.

"No, I'm not. Come on guys, I have to show you something." He says, wiping a few tears off his face. I can still see the paths they took as they made their way down his cheek. What's wrong? Wait, where's Tris?!? Please let her just be in the bathroom or something!

"C-Caleb, where's Tris?" I ask, my deep voice wavering.

"Just......Just follow me." He answers. Oh. My. God. This isn't happening. No. No, no, no, no, no! We all look at each other. Christina, Cara, Peter, and I. We break out into a sprint, going down the hallways that lead to the hospital.

When we get there, we walk by a large, silver door labeled "Morgue". I run past it.

"Tobias!" Caleb yells. I stop abruptly and turn around. Everyone is gathered around the door, Cara's hand on the handle. My eyes grow wide. What?!? She can't be in there! No! I know she is in one of these hospital rooms, machines keeping her with us. I just know it.

"Please Tobias. Come here." Christina begs, tears threatening to spill out if her eyes. I slowly walk towards them, not knowing what to believe. Is Tris alive? Is she...dead?

We walk past the doors, and lying on a cold, silver table is Tris. MY Tris! I scream in horror. I run to the table and pick up her hand. She's alive, I know it. But, I don't see her small chest moving.

I sob and hold her cold, pale hand in both of mine.

" T-Tris, come b-back to me! I know you're in there! P-Please!" Her beautiful blue-gray eyes don't flutter open like I imagined they would. This makes me cry harder.

I feel a strong hand on my shoulder. I turn to face Peter, looking at me with sympathy in his eyes.

"That won't work Tobias. She's not coming back."

"Shut up Peter!" I yell. I gently kiss Tris' forehead.

"Be brave Tris. I love you. We'll be together soon. I promise..." I can't continue, I choke on my words and break down again.


A/N: Sorry for the depressing chapter. I actually cried writing this! Thanks for reading!

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