Chapter 47

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The next day, Tris and I wake up extra early to get ready for the "fights".

We walk into the training room, and Tris writes the pairings on a chalk board, since her hand writing is WAY better than mine.

While we are setting up the ring, Tris asks, "So, what are the new rules for the fights?"

"Well, you can give in, but the instructor has to approve. Like, if someone concedes when they aren't beat up, or are barely hurt, we have to tell them to continue. We can also stop fights, if things get too bad." I explain.

She nods.

The initiates file in, and we start to explain the rules.

Afterwards, I yell, "Whit! Jed! You're up!"

They both step into the ring. They look frightened, and just circle around each other for 2 minutes, waiting for someone to throw the first punch.

"Today, pansycakes!" Tris yells. I hold back a laugh.

Whit lunges at Jed, in an attempt to punch his rib cage, but Jed is fast, so he catches Whits arm, and twists it harshly.

Whit moans in pain, and I can see anger in his eyes. He tries to kick Jed where it counts, but Jed moves out of the way. Whit ends up kicking the air, and falling on his back.

While he is on the ground, with the wind knocked out of him, Jed takes the opportunity to sit on his chest, and punch him repeatedly.

"STOP! Stop, I give up!" Whit yells.

"Fine. Jed, take Whit to the infirmary, I think his nose is broken." Whit reaches up, touches his nose and winces.

"Viviana, and Wisty! Get in the ring!" Tris yells.

Their fight lasts a while, but eventually, Wisty ends up winning. Not bad for an Amity.

"Brandon, and Harvey!" I announce.

Brandon has Harvey knocked out in about 3 minutes. I can already tell that Harvey will be factionless.

Kassidi, and Hartlyn's fight lasts almost as long as Viviana and Wisty's. They are pretty evenly matched. Hartlyn ends up winning.

Everyone looks pretty beat up. (Except Alaska, who has a look of horror written across her face.)

"Tomorrow, you have the day off to rest up! That's it for today!" I yell.

They shuffle out of the room.



At lunch we had hamburgers, which reminds me of my first day in Dauntless.

I smile to myself.

"Why so happy?" Asks Tobias.

"Just remembering the first time I tried one of these." I say, taking a bite of my food.

Tobias smiles back.

"Tris?" I hear.

"Yeah?" I say, turning Christina's way.

"I forgot to thank you for my birthday gift. I really love it." She says smiling.

"Your welcome." I smile.

I can't help but let my mind drift to my birthday. When is it?

Just as if Christina read my mind, she asks, "Tris, when's your birthday?"

"I-I don't know." I hesitate, waiting for my friends reactions.

"WHAT?!?" They all scream in sync.

"Four doesn't know his either!" I say, trying to get their attention off of me.

"Tris?!? Four?!? How could you not know your own birthdays?!?" Yells Christina.

"Abnegation..." I mumble.

"Abnegation is so boring! They don't even bother to TELL YOU YOUR BIRTHDAY?!?" Yells Uriah.

I shake my head.

"It's self indulgent." Explains Tobias.

"Our birth certificates are still there though. In the government building." I say.

"We have to go get them!!!" Yells Chris.

"Ok..." Tobias and I say in unison.

"Tomorrow we have the day off..." I say.

"We will go then!" Says Zeke.

"But, don't you think they'll get suspicious if there are Dauntless in the Abnegation sector?" Asks Shauna.

"No. Being suspicious or curious is self indulgent. They'll go with the flow, and be polite." I say.

Everyone nods.

"Tomorrow?" Says Tobias.

"Tomorrow." Everyone confirms.


That night I have trouble sleeping. I'm too anxious. So is Tobias. I have my eyes closed, and I feel his eyes burning a hole in me.

I open my eyes suddenly, and meet his big blue ones. He jerks back, surprised.

"I thought you were asleep!" He whisper shouts.

I chuckle.


"Can't sleep?" He asks.

I shake my head.

"Me neither."

The rest of the night we just talk about random things.



"Do you think, maybe it should just be us going?"

"What do you mean?"

"This is really special for both of us, and I think it would be better for just you and me to go. To make it even more special." I suggest.

"Yeah, I like that idea. I'll call Zeke."

"Don't you think it's a little early?"

He checks the clock.

"It's already 7:30 a.m."



At around 9:00 a.m. Tobias and I jump onto the train, to go to the Abnegation sector.

Earlier this morning was chaos. Everyone really wanted to come with us. But, Tobias and I explained to them why we wanted to go alone, and that we'd let them know when our birthdays are, right when we got back. They all very reluctantly, agreed.

The train car rattles beneath my feet, as I lean out of the doorway. Wind whips my hair as I ask, "Are you sure we should be doing this?"

Tobias looks up at me from his spot on the floor.

"Of course. It's our birthday, it shouldn't be hidden from us. We have a right to know." He says.

I just nod.

"We're here."


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