Chapter 44

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Tobias and I walk down the hallways toward the Cafeteria hand in hand. Luckily we don't bump into any initiates.

When we get near the lunch room, we let our hands drop.

We get our lunch hurriedly, eager to tell our friends the news.

Tobias and I sit down, and he whispers "Let's see if they notice the ring. Don't say anything." I nod.

We continue eating, making small talk.

While I'm talking about capture the flag, I make some hand-gestures.

"TRIS, OMG IS THAT AN ENGAGEMENT RING!" Christina practically screams.

"Chris! Don't say my name in public! Initiates!" I whisper scream.

"Sorry... So, is it?" She asks.

I look at Tobias. "Yes."

"EEEEEEEEEEK!" She screams.

I cover her mouth.

"Shut up!" I smile.

She hugs me tight. Shauna smiles. Zeke and Uri pat Tobias on the back.


"Thanks guys." Tobias says gratefully.

"We better get going." I say.

When I walk past Zeke, I whisper, "Party's at 8:30?"

He nods slightly.

Tobias and I walk out of the lunch room, and join hands once again.

We walk for a few minutes, then reach our apartment. I check the clock, and it reads, 2:30 p.m.

We have six hours until Christina's surprise party.

"Do you want to watch a movie of something?" Asks Tobias.

"Yeah, sure." I smile.

"You pick." He offers.

"How about, The Fault In Our Stars? It's an old movie." I suggest.

"Yeah. I've never seen that one." He says.


We finish the movie, and I'm crying into Tobias' shirt.

I look up and he has a few tears running down his face too.

"Aww. You're crying." I wipe the tears away.


"Of course I am. I felt exactly how Hazel felt after Augustus died, when I thought you died." He looks down, more tears making their way past his eyes.

"I'm sorry." I say, wiping his tears once again. I lean in and kiss him gently on the lips.

He regains composure pretty fast, and so do I.

Now we have about 3 hours until we have to go to Chris' party.

I choose a very fancy gift bag, and put her present in it.

Next, I write her a heartfelt card.

It reads:

Dear Christina,

You are the sister I never had. When I came to Dauntless I thought I would be all alone, but you stepped forward, and were willing to be my friend. I am so incredibly grateful for that.

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