Chapter 23

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"I'm gonna bring Tobias in, ok?" Marcus says, his voice dripping with fake sweetness.

"A-Are you gonna hurt him?" I ask, wincing. It hurts just to talk. My whole body throbs consistently, still bleeding in some places.

"No. I'm not. You are." He answers simply.

I sit there stunned. He's going to make ME hurt him? How?

"W-With what?" I ask.

"You'll see." Marcus says.

Then, I see a man, dragging a limp, unconcious Tobias.

"Tobias!" I yell, hoping he'll wake up.

"He won't be able to open his eyes, or talk for a while." The mystery man tells me.

"Yeah, we injected him with parallactic serum." Marcus adds on.

Silent tears slip down my face.

Please wake up,Tobias. Please.



"Tris!" I hear a deep, beautiful voice say.

I look up, crying quietly. I don't want to talk to him, because I know I'm going to hurt him soon...

"Now you have to watch, right in front of her. Best seat in house!" Marcus says.

Tobias goes pale. He looks at me worried.

I'm worried too. I don't know how Marcus is gonna make me hurt him. What will I do?

Marcus murmurs something to his son, and Tobias looks frantic.

"Tris! I'm so, so sorry! I didn't mean for any of this to happen! You have to live through this, you have to!" He begs. His eyes are stormy with tears.

Suddenly I feel a sharp pinch, and the world around me fades.

I find my self in a tank, with water slowly filling up at the bottom. I guess this is kind of like my fear landscape.

I feel pecking on the back of my neck, and whirl around. Two crows are in the tank with me.

I'm facing two of my fears at once.

I try to be strong for Tobias. This is how Marcus wants me to hurt him. I'm hyperventilating, afraid, and he can't get to me...

The scene changes, and I'm tied to a stake, which is soon lit on fire by Peter.

My dead family stands in front of me. I try to get away, to run toward them. But, I can't.

"Shoot them." Peter commands.

"No!" I say.

He makes the fire bigger around my feet.

"Shoot. Them." He says impatiently.

The fire burns my shins, and licks at my thighs. The burning sensation is so intense, I'm afraid I'll pass out.

I sob, and sob, refusing to shoot my family.

Fire engulfs my body, and the scene changes yet again.

Tobias stands in the Erudite head quarters. He walks to the room I got "executed" in, and lies down on the cold, silver table.

"Tobias?" I say. He doesn't acknowledge me.

"Tobias!" I yell. No response.

Jeanine comes out of no where, and injects Tobias with death serum. It's not parallactic serum this time.

He looks me in the eye, 2 seconds before his body goes limp on the table.

I scream, terror taking over my voice.

This can't be happening!

No, no, no, no, no!


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Be brave.


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