Chapter 16

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I look out of the grimy car window, to see a sparkling, beautiful city. Is this really Chicago?

"Where are we?" I ask the driver.

"Chicago. Where else would we be?" He answers smirking at my stupidity.

He drops us off near the Dauntless compound.

"Come on, we're going to see Zeke." Uriah urges.

"Something Chicago's never been like this." Tobias says, gesturing to the city.

When we get to Zeke's apartment, Uriah knocks harshly on the door.

"Uri!" Zeke yells, after flinging the door open. He embrace  his little brother tightly. They pull away from the hug, and smile at each other. I wish Caleb was here, so we could be like that. Siblings that never stop loving each other. Siblings that care for each other. Tears begin to spring up in my eyes. No Tris, not here. Not right now.

"Hey guys!" Zeke exclaims as his eyes land on Christina, Tobias, and I. We each hug him.

"Come in. I need to tell you all something." Zeke says cautiously.



We all shuffle into Zeke's apartment, and make our way into the cramped living room. Tris and I sit on a soft, black, leather couch. Christina and Uriah on an identical one across from us. Zeke sits in what he calls his 'man chair'.

"Um, I don't know how to say this..." Zeke says nervously. We all look at him eagerly. "Uh, the Bureau released memory serum on Chicago." Tris gasps. I know what she's thinking. Probably something along the lines of, 'this is what I was supposed to prevent'. I pull her closer.

"When?" She asks weakly.

"Last week." Zeke replies.

"Then how do you remember anything? Or us?" I ask curiously.

"I-I'm Divergent." He hesitates. "The serum wasn't strong enough to work on the Divergents."

"Mom?" Uriah asks. Zeke shakes his head, letting a single tear slip out, quickly wiping it away. Uri does the same thing. Allows a single tear to fall, then wipes it off his face.

I will miss Hanna. She was like the mother I never had.

"Are any of my family members Divergent?" Christina asks, her lip wobbling. Zeke shakes his head again. Christina sobs, "I have no family, no one!"

"Join the club." Tris says sniffling, about to cry. She puts her head on my chest, and breathes deeply. I rub her back, making small circles with my fingers.

"You'll always have me. I'll never leave you." I say quietly, so only she can hear. She nods. I kiss her smooth, shiny, blonde hair.

Nothing will ever be normal again. We'll have to create a new normal.


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