Chapter 33

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I guess I kind of saw my father's Divergence coming. I mean, in Abnegation, they wouldn't beat someone for their own pleasure. It selfish. Heck, they wouldn't beat anybody, even if they deserved it!

After lunch, Tris and I walk back home.

"Poor Zeke. Shauna doesn't remember him... He has to start all over with her." Tris says.

"Yeah, it's probably tough. But, Zeke can handle it." I reply.

"Tobias, will the factions be restored?" She asks.

"I'm thinking so." I answer.

"Will you be an initiate trainer?"

"Umm, I don't know. Possibly."

"I might be." I'm shocked. Tris never seemed like the kind of person that'd be a trainer. But, learning new things about each other is always a good thing.

"Really?" I ask.

"Yeah, I think I could scare them just as bad as you scared us." She says with a smirk.

"Oh, really?" I put my game face on. "Let's have a competition. We'll both be trainers, and at the end of initiation, we'll ask the initiates who is scarier." I propose.

"You're on." She says. We shake hands.

We walk into my--no--our apartment.

"Tris, can I talk to you?" I ask.

She pales, and looks worried.

"Yeah." She replies hesitantly. She probably thinks I'm breaking up with her. I would never do that. Ever. She is my everything.

"A-Are you leaving me?" She stutters.i knew that's what she was thinking.

"No, Tris! I would never, ever leave you!" I assure her. She visibly relaxes.

"Tris, I have to go back to the control room in a few days." I tell her.

"O-Ok..." She looks abandoned.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Tobias, I'm scared. Last time I was alone...." She starts tearing up. I hug her to my chest. "You know what happened." She finishes.

"Tris, I doubt anything like that will happen again." I tell her.

"I know, but, how can we be sure? We don't even know if Marcus is still here or not." She counters.

"Maybe you can be with Christina during the day, until she has to go back to work." I suggest.

"Um, I guess..." She says unsurely.

"I'm sorry Tris, I really am. I wish I didn't have to go back." I say guiltily.

"It's ok, Tobias." Tris says.

I give a small smile.

"I'm going to ask Christina about staying with her. Do you wanna come?" She asks sweetly.

"Yeah, sure." I reply.


We get to Christina's, (after walking very slowly) and Tris knocks on the door.

The door opens and Christina says, "Hey guys! What's up?"

"Um, Four has to go back to work soon, and I don't want to be alone for so long." She turns red, embarrassed. "Last time I was alone, this happened." She gestures to herself. "I was wondering if I could, maybe, stay with you until you go back to work..." She looks down.

"Of course, Tris!" Christina practically yells.

"Ok, thanks." Tris replies.

"I'll see you guys later!" Christina says perkily.


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