Chapter 43

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The next morning our alarm goes off at 9:30 a.m. because we have the day off.

Of course Tris doesn't wake up. She's a pretty heavy sleeper. I decide it might be nice to make us some breakfast.

I pull out some eggs, and get cracking.

While the eggs are cooking in the pan, I pull out some bread, and a toaster.

While the bread is toasting, I plate the eggs and fill up two glasses with orange juice.

I smell something funny....... Then, I realize I burned the toast. So much that it's mostly just a bunch of crumbs at the bottom of the toaster.

I curse loudly. It smells like burnt food in here. I go to open the door, to air the place out, when I hear, "What's that smell?"


I turn around sheepishly. She stands there wrinkling her nose.

"Burnt toast..." I tell her.

She laughs. I smile.

The food is already on the table, and I'm about to sit down, but Tris stops me.

"Forgetting something?" She smirks.

"No....?" I answer, confused.

She mouths the word, 'pants'.

I blush as I realize I'm just in my boxers. Oops.

"Haha, sorry..." I laugh, embarrassed.

She laughs too.

I quickly change, and head to the table.

"Sorry about that." I smile.

"It wasn't a problem.....I-I just thought you'd be embarrassed..." She stutters.

"Nice save." I smirk. She shrugs, and looks down to hide her blushing face.

She starts eating, and so do I.

"Thanks for making eggs." She says politely.

"No problem. I know their your favorite Abnegation food." I tell her.


After breakfast, Tris asks, "What do you wanna do today? We can't be together ALL day, because the initiates will still be around the compound."

"We could just stay here." I suggest.

"Yeah, I guess your right." She smiles.

I look at the small, sparkly diamond on her finger, and say, "When are we gonna tell our friends that we're engaged?"

"Um, we can tell them at lunch?" She says, like its a question.

"That would be good, just cover Christina's mouth so the initiates don't find out from her." I chuckle.

Just then we hear a knock on the door. Tris and I both get up to open the door. I don't let her go alone anymore.

Zeke stands in the hallway, and whispers, "We're throwing Chris a surprise birthday party, meet me at my place at 8:30 p.m."

"Ok. Do we have to bring a gift?" Tris asks.

"I guess so. Uri, Shauna, and I did."

We nod.

"I'm going to get ready. I have to go," she shudders, "shopping."

I laugh at her reaction.

She starts walking to our room, but turns around and asks, "Tobias, when's your birthday?"

"I don't know. I never found out." I reply. Abnegation think birthdays, and celebrating them are self indulgent. "But, I know it's sometime between October and December."

"I don't know mine either. I don't even know the time of year I was born in." She states. "Stupid Abnegation." She mumbles. I grin.

She hurries off to get ready.


We exit our apartment, and Tris says, "I'll enter the Pit through the right side, you from the left."

We can't have the initiates seeing us together.

I nod.

She walks off.

I enter the Pit, and see Tris across from me. She waves slightly, and points to the store she is going in. I walk to the store across from it. It turns out to be a Tuxedo shop, so I look around to kind of get an idea of what I want for the wedding. I occasionally glance in Tris' direction, to make sure she is ok.

She exits the store with two bags, and waves again. She walks out of the Pit, and I walk out of the opposite end.

We meet up in a hallway not far from our apartment.

"Well, that was no fun. Maybe we should tell the initiates about us..." She says.

"I don't know..."

"Come on Tobias!" She whines.

"They won't take us seriously!" I counter.

"After the fights?" She asks.

"They aren't really fights anymore. Not like when we were initiates. They changed the rules. It's more if like sparring." I correct.

"Whatever." She huffs. "Please?"

"I don't think we should just come out of nowhere with it. Just, maybe give them subtle hints." Emphasize the word 'subtle'.


"After the 'fights'." I say.

"After the 'fights'." She repeats.

"Wanna get lunch? It's 1 o' clock." I ask.

"Sure." She answers.


A/N: Hey! Sorry this is such a short chapter! I had A LOT going on this week. Volleyball, Homework (stupid math), and tomorrow I have a tournament. Hope you understand!


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