Chapter 31

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Tris gets out of the hospital today. I'm so glad. I stayed with her every night.
The only reason they allowed me to stay overnight, is because I would be there to calm her down after her nightmares.

"Tobias, will you help me up?" Tris asks.

In nod and walk to the hospital bed. I hold both of her smooth hands in my rough ones. She touches her toes to the floor, and uneasily stands.

"Do you want me to get you a wheelchair?" I ask.

"No." She snaps. "I can walk."

"Ok." I agree.

We walk down the long hallway, to the front desk. We sign Tris out, and start to walk home.

She whimpers very, very quietly. Nice try Tris. I hear everything.

"Tris, are you ok?" I ask worriedly.

"It hurts Tobias. It hurts to walk." She says, upset.

"I'll carry you." I say.

"No, I can do this on my own." She insists.

"Tris..." I warn.

She sighs. "Fine."

I pick her up and give her a quick, gentle kiss.

"I'm a coward." She mumbles to herself.

"No you're not. You're just hurt. This'll pass. Don't worry." I assure her.

She just shakes her head.

I set her down when we get to my apartment, and unlock the door.

"Welcome home." I say with a smile.

"That's cheesy..." She replies, a grin spreading across her face.

I shrug.

We walk inside and go to the kitchen table.

"So, what do you wanna do now that you're home?" I ask.

"I don't know. But I'm going to the bathroom." I chuckle.

She gets up, and slowly walks to the bathroom, careful not to hurt herself.

She walks in, and closes the door. Literally 3 seconds later, I hear her muffled cries.

I run to the bathroom, and open the door.

"Tris! Are you ok?" I question.

Her hand covers her mouth, stifling her sobs, and she is looking in the mirror.

"Tobias. Look at me! I'm-I'm hideous. Look what he did to me!" She cries harder.

"Tris, you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen. You were before, and you are now. I agree, what he did to you is horrible," I turn her face toward me, and look into her eyes. "But, to me, you haven't changed. You're perfect."

She hugs me tightly, and cries into my chest.

"I love you." She says, through her cries.

"I love you too."


A/N: Hi! So sorry for the short chapter! But, I put in some Fourtris, so that makes up for it. 😉

I kinda have writers block.
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