Chapter 25

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I throw Tris towards my son. She yelps. I smile, glad that I'm causing her pain.

I also like causing Tobias pain again.

I hear Tris starting to calm down, and yell, "Two minutes are up."

I walk over to where Tris and Tobias are sitting, and grab Tris by the shoulder.

I drag her into her seat, and tie her up again.

"Let's get on with the show shall we?"

My son pales, staring at Tris, who looks fearful.


"Let's use my personal favorite!" I say enthusiastically.

I pull my belt with nails back, and whip my son's girlfriend across the face.

She screams, and I feel a rush of adrenaline. Maybe I should've joined Dauntless.

I look to Tobias, who has an angered and pained look on his face.

Smiling, I pull my belt back, to strike again. I hear a rip, and before I know what's going on, I'm tackled to the ground.



I tackle my father to the ground, and beat him senseless.

He screams in agony. Now he knows how I felt. But, I didn't do this for my own pleasure. He deserves it.

When he is unconscious, I run to Tris, who is currently passed out, and untie her.

I cradle her delicate figure in my arms, and walk to the door. Before I leave, I pull my foot back, and kick Marcus in the gut.

Rushing out the door, I run to the infirmary. Tris could bleed out soon.

I didn't beat Marcus up that bad. Just enough to knock him out. I would've killed him, but I had to get Tris to the infirmary fast.

When we arrive, I frantically look around for a nurse, or doctor to help Tris.

I don't see anyone around, so I yell, "Help! Someone come help her! Please!" Tears make their way down my face.

I can barely feel Tris breathing against my shirt. A nurse rushes in, and exclaims, "My goodness! What happened to her?"

"Someone attacked her..." I say.

"Just a moment." The nurse rushes off.

Seconds later, a gurney is wheeled in. I set Tris down, and they quickly wheel her away.

"Where are they taking her?!?" I say angrily.

"Her wounds need to be stitched, and we need to check for any infection." She replies.

I nod.

"When will I be able to see her?" I ask, my voice wobbling.

"Soon. Maybe a couple hours." She says, quickly walking away.

I take a deep breath.

I notice some blood on my shirt. Her blood.

I close my eyes tightly, and sit in the waiting room.

I hope she's ok. I know she will be. She's Tris. She's brave. She's Divergent.


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Be brave.


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