Chapter 5

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I sulk in the dorm for 3 weeks, silently crying myself to sleep each night. How could she leave me? She was so strong, so beautiful. No one will ever be able to fill her place again.

I wander around, unsure of what to do now that Tris is gone.

I find myself in what seems like a small, underground hospital. I wonder what this is used for...



I'm walking down yet another long hallway with Samuel. I hear footsteps that don't belong to me or Sam. I wonder who it could be.

It's been 3 weeks since I woke up in the hospital. During those 3 weeks, I've been poked and prodded as the Bureau tried to figure out how I was so 'genetically pure'. They've frightened me so much that I've had nightmares. They are far worse than any I've ever had. And, I know that I will always have them.

Right now I'm going to another testing room. I'm shaking violently, as I try to imagine what they will do to me this time. We turn a corner, and I see a face I never thought I'd see again. Hope swells up inside me, and I yell,
"TOBIAS!" Samuel covers my mouth and drags me to the side, just as quickly as the sound left my mouth. I look around, rage taking over me. We are in a different, shorter hallway now.

"Hey!" I yell at Sam as soon as he takes his hand away. He said he would get me out of here! I guess he gave me a false sense of hope.

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