Chapter 39 | An Eye For An Eye

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Elena's P.O.V.

Today started like any regular day: I was given a piece of dry bread that was supposed to last from breakfast to night snack, Captain Claes threatened my life, and I spoke with the Musketeers as a distraction from my pain.

But the world had something hidden in its sleeve today. Although I did not know what would happen, I could still feel the crack in the cycle.

"There will be rain today," Athos stated, looking at the wooden ceiling with the small gaps separating the planks. "A huge storm is coming."

Aramis gave him an irritated look knitted into bewilderment, "What are you talking about? It is the hottest day we have experienced since we got here - I am in true words dying."

Is that his way of saying 'literally'?

I chuckled quietly, trying to stabilize my breathing so my lungs wouldn't pain my ribs too much. It was a warm day like Aramis pointed out, but then again, I haven't seen Athos standing on the wrong foot.

"Wait, do you guys hear that?" I asked through the chaotic sounds of pirates running around, their panics echoing down the cells. "What's going on up there?"

The Musketeers went mute and sharpened their ears, listening to the commands jumping from one pirate to the other.

"Heave ho!"

"Belay and drop the anchor!"


Despite the fact that the pirate tongue was foreign, I could still understand and see the picture in the frame: someone was coming.

"Do you believe it is. . ." D'Artagnan let his question wander without a clear closure, but we didn't need the end to interpret his words as the entire situation spoke for itself.

Ethan? My heart ran uncontrollably and was an untamable muscle that created knots and twists. The only thing I could think about was his safety, and I prayed for him to be unharmed.

Please, whatever you do, Ethan, just stay safe.

It was difficult to comprehend the situation. Feelings and thoughts collided, creating a turmoil of worry and fear. The tension was so thick it made breathing heavy and difficult, and I even found myself holding my breath due to the anxiety.

And suddenly, it went deadly silent; the pirates were quiet, their voices muted, and their footsteps airy.

What was going on? I wanted to know, wishing that I had a view of the scene that was taking place on the deck.

"Well, well, well," Captain Claes' voice was the first one to break the ice, his mocking tone painting a picture of his twisted smile. "What do we have here? Though I did not expect ye to come, I cannot say that I am disappointed. After all, a prince is a prince."

My eyes met Athos' hazel hue, sharing a fire of fortitude. Whatever lies in front of us, we will stay together in the battle for freedom. Today is the day the Musketeers' promise comes to life.

"Captain Claes."

The spoken words of the uninvited guest revealed the veracity behind the curtains, and I did not know if I felt disappointed or revealed. But one thing is for sure: the voice did not belong to Ethan

"Is there something wrong, Yer Majesty," the pirate mocked, trying to mask himself as a person free from crimes.

Whoever the prince was, he fell silent before he spoke again. "It has been rumored that a ship of pirates is sailing with the Musketeers as captives."

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