Chapter 36 | How I Met My First Celebrity

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Elena's P.O.V.

Heavy. That's what I felt.

I was blind and deaf, could not find it in me to wake up, so I just let the darkness embrace me.

The second time I found myself surrounded by weights, I tried to find the energy to wake up, but instead, I blacked out once more.

It was a weird phenomenon. You feel like you're waking up, but when you try to open your eyes, you just fall into darkness. I never remember being dragged into unconsciousness nor when I rise from the heavy sleep.

It was truly a bizarre feeling.

My memory was foggy and unclear, and I could not understand how I ended up in this limbo. However, what I did comprehend was that the poisonous coma lost its strength every time my mind woke.

One day, after the virulent slumber had thinned out, I found the vigor that I needed to finally open my eyes. It was a slow and painful process. A sharp light pained my sight, forcing me to squint to see my surroundings.

Although most of it was blurry, I could make out a wooden room. An old desk was in front of me, decorated with a globe and some orientation equipment. The smell was overwhelming; dirty and rotten meat swirled in the thick, isolated air.

Confusion was the new poison, but it was not as toxic as the glue holding me in my position. No matter how much I tried to lift my arms and legs, I could not move.

I shook, tried to slip out of the ropes to no avail. My hands were tied down to the chair's arms, my feet suffering the same fate.

"Well, well, well, look who finally decided to wake up," a somewhat familiar, deep voice spoke, its whereabouts unknown.

Panic rose, beating in my chest like the bass of a song that sung my bewilderment. I could not understand what was happening. Where am I? Who are they? What's happening? Why am I so afraid?

They took me, it all came crashing down, the surreal memories finally surfacing. Theater. Francis. Pain. Darkness. It was still blurry, came in pieces, but it was not difficult to translate it into a full picture.

The pirates kidnapped me.

Well, that's a big turn in my summer break. I knew I should have accepted Hazel's offer to go on a vacation with her and her family.

"Mada, we need to inform the captain," another one spoke, his voice sounding more younger and lighter, an innocent tone attached to his words. "He said to summon him when she woke- wait, what are you doing?"

Before he and I could comprehend the actions of Mada, he was standing within the frame of my view.

My eyes widened at the sight, shocked and scared to see the familiarity of his appearance.

His blue eyes narrowed sharply, almost glaring even. Although he was dirty and smelled of sweat and fish, his features mirrored unmistakably Adam's.

God, you have got to be kidding me.

He crouched, looking at me from a frog's perspective. "So ye are the one he has been looking for." Although he looked like Adam from head to toe, he certainly did not sound like him.

I gave him a puzzled look, already uncomfortable with his presence and his cold gaze.

"Mada, please, leave her alone. We need to tell Captain Claes that she has awakened." The red-haired boy did not speak like the rest, I noticed. His vocabulary did not drown in the strange, pirate tongue. Instead, he spoke gently and elegantly, but most of all, his words were touched by a tone of kindness.

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