Chapter 6 | Yeah. . . She Is

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Aria's P.O.V.

I'm not a big fan of soccer or any sports for that matter, but watching Elena score goal after goal and dribbling with the ball, I'll reconsider my dislike.

Her skills were absolutely impressive, especially the control she obtained on the ball. Not weird the kids are treating her like she was some Soccer-Goddess.

Where did she learn to play that well? I wondered, chewing on the grain of information I knew about her - which was nothing.

"Who is that young girl, really?" My mother asked the same question I've been thinking about the moment I met her.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm not entirely sure. I just found her walking in the forest all lost and confused." My mind recalled the memory of her asking what year it was, which made me wonder what had happened to her.

There were too many loose ends, too many unanswered questions, and too many holes in her story. I knew her name, but not the colors behind it.

"Well, it shouldn't matter." My mother's voice echoed, making me raise my eyebrow at her.

Shouldn't matter? Since when did my mother stop caring about who people are?

"I like her, and you need more friends." With that said, she patted my shoulder in an almost pathetic way and walked back to our small house.

I love you too, mother. . .

"Hey, Aria!" An all too well familiar voice flew across the garden, making me whip my head to the source of the boy who has never failed to make me blush.

"Hey, Daniel," I replied with a huge smile, feeling the blood rush to my face as my cheeks became warm and red. Only by looking into his navy blue eyes made my stomach tickle.

Oh, the things this boy do to me.

He smiled and walked up to me, which resulted in my insides melting and twisting into a nervous knot. I watched his nearing step, hearing how my heart squealed with delight.

His hand ran through his short, ink-black hair, and he opened his mouth to close it right away due to the children's cheers.

"Who's that?" He asked, pointing at Elena who tricked with the ball before shooting it into the goal.

I giggled when she bowed and thanked the kids with a heavy British accent, which was soon followed by a weird speech that had the effect of making it more comical.

"My new friend," I replied, looking away from the green-eyed girl who continued to talk about some Abraham Lincoln. "Elena."

"Oh, wow," humor was attached to his words, which made me briefly giggle. "That's something you don't see every day."

My chuckle expanded, and I looked up at the tanned boy with another blush reddening my already tomato cheeks.

God, I must look like a red-faced idiot.

"She's something, isn't she?" I turned my attention towards the kids who failed to copy the Soccer-Goddess' tricks.

"Yeah. . . she is." Daniel answered with slow words that made me glance back to only find his gaze still settled on me. "She really is something." That was more than enough for me to avert my eyes towards my shoes in a poor attempt to hide my face.

Goddammit, Daniel.

He knew me too well. After all, we have been friends since we were kids, and even at an age so young, I always had a little crush on him. Little did I know that this 'little crush' would develop into something bigger.

And here I am, still crushing on the guy who has never failed to transform my stomach into a garden filled with butterflies. He is the reason why I prefer reality over my dreams, the reason why I can't wait to wake up in the morning just to see him.

It's like you finally realize that the sun doesn't blind you, but lights up your world.

I was empty of words with a blank mind, and I had no idea what to say - he always left me speechless without even lifting a finger. But fortunately for me, Elena came to the rescue with a wide smile playing on her lips.

"Hey, Aria and the guy standing next to her." She breathed heavily while loosely holding onto her hood.

"Elena, this is Daniel-" I blushed again when she gave me a smug smile. "-And Daniel, this is Elena, my new friend I was talking about earlier."

After they shook hands through the introduction, the wild-haired girl continued. "Aria, it was really nice meeting you, and I hope that we can hang out again, but unfortunately, I have to get going now." I'm not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed that she had to leave. "Thank your mother for the hospitality and for wrapping me up."

A smile formed on my lips as she held up her left arm.

"It was our pleasure," I answered and quickly hugged her goodbye before she walked into the busy streets. "Until next time!"

"Until next time," Elena nodded my way with a warm gleam. However, that smile was soon covered up by her hands cupping her mouth. "And Jordan, practice your aim, you have to be the team's, Messi! Hannah, don't give up on that soccer trick, with a bit of practice you will become the next Ronaldo!"

Although no one had any clue of who these people she was talking about were, it didn't stop these young souls from nodding and waving back with an overfilled enthusiasm.

"Yes, Ma'am!" Both boys and girls gave her a mock salute, which she returned with a wink. The playful smirk dancing wildly on her face was the last thing we saw before her body was swallowed by the sea of people.

Daniel and I shared a look, glancing at the empty spot where the strange girl once stood.

I was left with so many questions that it was difficult to keep track of them. However, there was this one, specific thought that sent me into an endless train of a query.

Who is she?

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