Chapter 48 | Closed The Closet

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Elena's P.O.V.

School started. Everyone had caught the news of what had happened, which caused a heavy silence. There was even a ceremony in her name, honoring her for everything she had accomplished and done.

It was as if the school held a minute of silence, only that it lasted the entire day.

Today might have been beyond quiet, but it sure as hell has been the heaviest day I have ever experienced. For the first time in my life, I walked alone.

Lonelier than a highway, heavier than a rock. Yet no one saw the blood from my scars.

Students glanced at me, and I could feel each and every one of their looks. Some came even by and showed their condolences, but the majority just whispered and watched.

It was easy to conceal the bruises and injuries, but the mask, on the other hand, was the most unwieldy one. I held my head high when I faced the outside world, but I could feel it slip every now and then.

But then the lessons began, the teachers began to teach, and we were drowned in work and studies. At last, people left me alone.

Days went by and slowly converted into weeks. Through the changed time, I had only seen Emil once and that was at the morgue. The poor boy had collapsed before we could even step into the lifeless room, shedding tears before anyone else could. And at that moment, I knew I had to be strong for the both of us.

It was vital.

Adam tried to contact me, but I couldn't face him. Whenever we encountered in the hallway, I brushed him off with a comment about being late for class. And when he came by my house, I got Carl to send him away - without the wrestling team, of course.

After a while, I guess he gave up.

And as a result, things became more hectic. I got my mind to travel elsewhere thanks to the studies. Although my teacher found my work excellent, they still showed concern.

"You don't have to be here, Ms. Campbell. You are excused from this test." My chemistry teacher assuaged me, trying to be a helping hand at a time so dark

I refused, took the test, and - as Norwegians say it - 'bestod med glans'. Which meant that I passed the test with flying colors.

This became a routine after a while. I took detailed notes, studied weeks in beforehand, took the test, passed perfectly, and repeated the cycle.

Despite my shining grades, Carl did not like what I was doing. But it sent my mind somewhere else. It kept me sane and whole. It was the only thing I could do properly.

Thus, I quit soccer, horse riding, and piano and singing lessons. All my focus had to be on my studies.

It had to.


Ms. Foster required a documented resignation of the lessons. She returned to the new school year, which meant that Franny was not needed. However, the school leadership found his work remarkable enough to give him a job as a theater teacher.

I could imagine how revealed and happy it must have made Emil. And I was glad to know that some good news still existed in this world.

I knocked on the door to the music room and entered it right away. Just as I put a foot inside the soundproofed room, I was met with an unexpected scene; a desperate cry of command.

"Don't close the doo-"

And her voice was cut off by the door slamming shut, isolating us from the world.

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