Chapter 2 | I'm Gonna Die. . .

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Elena's P.O.V.

After an eternity, the school finally ended its day. God, you have no idea how happy I became when that glorious bell rang.

Being with Annie was plain torture, it was so awful that I actually volunteered to run those ten laps around the school. Unfortunately, Ms. Smith didn't let me because 'That's not how punishment works'.

Her words. Not mine.

"So. . ." Hazel dragged the 'O', looking at me with a smile playing on her lips. "How was your bonding time with Annie?"

"Not in the mood," I mumbled gravelly while rubbing my temples.

"Aw, come on, Elly," she used the old nickname she had given me when we were children. "It was quite of an interesting show you guys put out there, don't you think so, too?"

If you call shouting, fighting and kicking the ball in each other's faces 'interesting', then yes, it was a great show - absolutely. I wanted to tell her but settled down with an eye roll instead.

"Oh, I can see how you two are becoming besties! Your sisterhood is growing stronger for every passing day." Her sarcasm and teasing tone was falling out of her mouth like a waterfall, which made the urge to push her into a bush more difficult to ignore.

"If I didn't know better, I would say that a certain Hazel Phillips is jealous," I smirked.

She scoffed, "Please, like I would be jealous of a fish with an IQ as high as a potato."

Her words had caught the attention of two old ladies that walked past us, but we ignored their strange looks as we carried on with the conversation.

"Now, now, Hazy, that's very offensive for the potatoes," the jokes we exchanged had lightened up my mood, and I embraced her smiling face, feeling lucky and thankful for having such beautiful soul by my side.

It's a good thing Hazel can't read minds, or else I would've moved to Norway if she knew about those mushy, clichè speeches that I silently held for her.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye then," I glanced at her house that was decorated with rich flowers. "Remember, Phillips, don't talk to strangers and always wear socks, okay?"

Her face scrunched up in confusion, but nevertheless, she laughed at our inside joke. "Seriously, why am I still friends with you? I mean, I'm normal and then there's you."

"You mean why you're friends with this amazing person?" I gestured my hands to myself. "Nah, I don't know, I've always questioned why I'm still hanging out with a mortal like you."

Her shiny chuckle hid her rusty annoyance. "I'll see you later, Elly. Text me when you get home, okay?"

To not end up in the famous quote trap from The Fault In Our Stars, I nodded with an exchange of goodbye instead of an 'Okay'.

With one last wave, I continued on my way home to the empty house. I would probably need to start cooking dinner if I still want some nutrition - but only for one.

To cook for three people is just a waste of food. They never show up.

My thoughts would've probably gone deeper, had it not been for the mix of frustration and annoyance going through my veins when I turned the last corner of my neighborhood.

At this point in life, I knew God was pushing all of my buttons. Because, my dear friends, the entire road was occupied by construction workers.

Damn you, Man Upstairs!

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