Chapter 10 | Who Is She?

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Ethan's P.O.V.

I ran as fast as my feet could carry me after the brown-haired girl, but due to her incredible speed, in addition to a head-start, she was out of sight and reach.

Disappeared like a snowflake in the ice.

The mysterious girl was gone, leaving me with an aching back and without a name in hand.

"How the. . ." My breathing was unruly, forcing me to stop and drink the fresh air to calm my running heart down.

Such a sarcastic and sly genius, I looked around one last time, hoping to find a clue about her disappearance - unsuccessfully. My breaths were the only sounds that stirred in the quiet forest

What is she, a ninja?

A heavy sigh left my lips, and I had to force my sore feet to walk back again. Great, all that running for nothing. Oh, look at that, I even ruined my shoes.

Upon reaching the pile of the cluttered rocks, I took a long look at the scene, wondering how one can manage to fall that badly and be captured by lifeless elements.

I shook my head, carrying my walk to where my white stallion was standing, happily eating the fresh grass he towered over.

"Hey, boy," I patted his soft, white mane before I pulled myself up on the black saddle. He didn't say anything, only obeyed as I gave him a faint push to his side, making him walk in the direction I was leading him to. "Bryce, I made a fool out of myself," the horse responded with a loud neigh. "Yeah, you're probably right," I looked at the huge animal. "I am a fool."

And that was the last thing I said before I softly whipped the black rein around his head, consequently making him run like a flying arrow.

Although I'm supposed to concentrate on where I'm riding - especially in a speed like this, - I could not help but wander into the depth of the sea of unanswered questions this girl had so mercilessly pushed me into.

Is it really that difficult to believe my name? That I'm the Prince of Areadan? Most people recognize royals when they see one, and not to mention, who doesn't know the rulers of the biggest, richest and most powerful kingdom of all times?

Especially when you're living in that very own kingdom.

Our people love my family because of the justice and kindness my parents - the Queen and King of Areadan - controls the enormous land with.

Not only is it a peaceful kingdom, but we're out of danger to have a war thrown our way. After all, no one is stupid enough to pick a fight with a kingdom and their greatest army of all times. It would be a suicide mission to be in a battle against Areadan.

Everyone knows that.

Everyone except for her.

This mysterious girl, she's, I don't know, strange? Never have I met a girl that has actually insulted me, or been that stubborn.

Okay, scratch the last one, I have met a lot of stubborn girls - however, this maiden is one of a kind.

A headstrong, sarcastic and nameless girl with no intention to hold back anything or mute her rude comments.

One of the many things I could not fathom about her was how she did not believe my words. If this had been anyone else, they would surely not have continued with the namecalling, that I am certain about.

But what if she pretended she didn't know me? Perhaps behind that blank and confused look of hers, there was a skilled acting?

That would've been a great explanation if it hadn't been for the other questions sneaking up behind me.

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