Chapter 45 | Should I Send The Wrestling Team After That Kid?

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Elena's P.O.V.

Hurt. I was so incredibly hurt.

So many emotions swirled around the air, and I didn't know what I was feeling anymore. What happened? No matter how many times I replayed the scene, I just couldn't get a grip on it.

The frustration was overwhelming and heavy, yet, there was no way to get rid of it. No way I could rant it out. I was too breathless to fight, too tired to dodge the bullets, too weak to defend myself. Yet, Hazel kept going.

What was happening to me?

Did Captain Claes harm me more than I thought? Did he strip me of my armor and shield? Ethan helped me realize that I was healing, but as I'm watching the development of my health, I wasn't so sure anymore.

Perhaps it was just Hazel's blows that stagnated my recovery? Or maybe I wasn't recovering at all? Why couldn't I understand anything? Had the shock not melted yet? Was I in denial? How can't I seem to function properly- God, how much I wanted to scream.

This is all his fault. He did this. Oh, how much I hate that pirate.

"But it's mine too," I spoke from the backside of the coin, spilling the blame on both sides.

The storm had been growing a long time ago - long before I had seen or sensed it. Before I even knew it existed. The pirate did not put more fuel on the fire, he only triggered the thunders.

Pathetic. I'm so pathetic and selfish. She didn't deserve to go through so much trouble, and yet, she did.

"Marie, how dare you leaving me like this? Oh, by the way, I found the culprit who painted our- wait, did you get some Norwegian candy-" Carl's voice died when his struggling eyes met my gaze. He stood in the kitchen door with shopping bags that fell to the floor.

To see him troubled like this was out of his character. His face contained no grain of joy nor smile. It was as if I was witnessing the sky turning green and the grass converting to blue.

"What happened?" He gently brushed my hair to see how far the injuries ran. "I swear to God, if it was that creepy guy that was outside of your window-"

"Could you sleep over?" A pale question left my lips instead of an answer. Although I tried to smile to lighten the mood, the corner of my lips wouldn't budge. "If it's not too much to ask, of course."

Every word was so plaintive, and I felt so stupid for even talking. But I was in such a deep need of a friend; of another person's presence. My fear of being left alone grew unruly, and I couldn't take another stab.


He looked empathic, and though he tried to hide it, I could see the grain of sympathy in his pale orbs. It was a gaze that I loathed most in the world. "Marie, I will not leave this house for a second - not even to get my pajamas or toothbrush. But I have to warn you though; some of your clothes might disappear over the night. The same goes for your toothbrush."

His comment birthed a smile on my face, however, it never lived up to my eyes. "Thank you, Carl."

The blonde's arm ran around my shoulder, pulling me towards him in a warm embrace. "Should I send the wrestling team after that kid?"


I sent messages around, trying to dwindle people's concern and trouble. It was still summer and the break was still alive for a couple of weeks. Therefore, the replies came in mixed times.

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