Chapter 16 | That's Illegal. . .

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Elena's P.O.V.

"I don't understand!" Hazel exclaimed, an annoyed expression cutting her face. "You have been gone for one month, and you're still ahead of all the homework?"

What can I say? I'm that type of person who gets things quickly done.

Despite my tiredness of yesterday's event, I still felt energetic. "I told you that my grades don't drop," I replied, walking down the school hall. "I'm just too smart."

"Please," Hazel scoffed with some other inconvenient words following her breath. "You're a huge nerd, that's what you are," she looked at the smile my face held. "I wouldn't be surprised if you had done the next month's homework."

If you only knew, Hazy, I thought and clamped my lips tightly together in a straight line, avoiding eye-contact with her.

It took a couple of seconds before it dawned on her. "No, you didn't. . ." She mumbled and ghostly shook her head.

I flinched, "Well. . ." I dragged the 'E' in a high-pitched tone. "I haven't done the next month's."

My words made Hazel breathe out a sigh of relief, but the relaxation only lived a short life.

"Because I have done all the homework for the rest of this year."

The look on my friend's face was a mix of hot and cold - she was an unreadable book. I wasn't sure if she was going to faint or give me a lecture about how life works.

But knowing Hazel, it was probably both.

Before you judge me, you should know that when I was in the hospital, I could choose between dying of boredom, or occupy myself with homework and Netflix.

In my opinion, I'm a resourceful person.

"I don't know if I should be concerned or set you down to give you the talk about the functions of life." Hazel shook her head in disapproval, finally speaking after the pregnant silence. "You are seriously in a need of more friends, Elly."

"Hey!" I frowned. "I have friends, they're just. . . not here at this moment."

Or time.

The curly-haired girl raised an eyebrow. "I mean real people who are also at your own age."

"Eh, excuse you," she rolled her eyes at my pointing finger. "Last time I checked, friendship has no age."

"The same goes for stupidity, I see."

"Your face is stupidity. . ." I muttered, not caring if she heard me as I pulled my books out of my locker. "You know what? I'm getting tired of-" I gestured my hands to her attitude. "-This."

"And I'm getting tired of your stupid sass." She retorted with a sharp, pointing finger directed at me.

"Your face is stupid," I slapped her hand away.

This pointless conversation would most likely have gone on for a long time, had it not been for a deep voice that boomed across the hall.

"Elena!" I flinched at the familiar voice that shouted across the long room - my once burning annoyance disappearing like smoke.

Dammit, I cursed along with other profanities that could make a nun faint if she ever heard me.

Without thinking, I took a hold of Hazel's arm and began to drag her away as fast as I could.

"Hey, wait up!" I didn't even need to look back to see who the person was because I knew, without doubt, that it was no other than Adam Myers.

"Elly, what's going on?" My friend asked with a perplexed look, but before I could answer her, she turned her head. "Why is Adam Myers following you?" Her voice sounded distant, her mind not believing what her eyes were witnessing.

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