Chapter 18 | I Hope They Make It

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Ethan's P.O.V.

Although Bryce rode like the wind, his mane flying along with my dark cloak, we were still too late.

"What the hell happened?" I asked when I saw a grunting Lorenzò and a panting Conner that seemed like he had run from one kingdom to the other.

"The mysterious girl happened," Lorenzò groaned and slowly scrambled to his feet. "Seriously, was she raised by ninjas in a temple or something?"

Ignoring his comments, I looked over at a very heavily breathing Conner. "She. . . is. . . fast," he said in between his pants, bending over his knees.

Either my friend is in a very bad shape, or this girl is born a runner.

When I thought that the darkness of despair had extinguished the entire flame, a lightening of hope struck me like a horseshoe on the head.

The forest, of course!

"Wait, I think I know where she went," was the only information I was able to share before I quickly hauled myself back to the saddle.

My friends' faces were written with an ink of confusion, but only Lorenzò was able to read it out loud. "Wait, how do you-"

His question was cut off like a knife due to a deep, deadly voice that boomed through the entire village. Heck, even our neighbor kingdom could've heard this canon of yells.

"Stop right there!" The annoying voice to our teacher, Mr. W, shouted and pointed sharply at us, almost like he was trying to shoot magic out of his finger. "You're all in big, big trouble, and I will make sure to chain you troublemakers to your desks and whip you raw!"

The tone was so deadly that it even scared the horse he was sitting on.


I buried my face in my hands, groaning loudly in annoyance and frustration while pulling my hair from its roots.

This is seriously not my day.

Before I could give up everything - thinking that it was all over, - I threw a glance at my friends who were holding my back.

Well, not literally.

"Go, we will lead him away from you," Conner said through his almost even breath, nodding towards me and sharing a look with Lorenzò.

My lips curled up into a smile, "Thanks." I gave them a nod, which was more than enough for them to understand my gratitude for their loyalty.

Whipping the reins, I let out a cry that made Bryce shoot forward like an arrow. His speed increased by each step he took with his mighty hooves.

"Hey, Mr. W! I bet your slow ass can't catch us!" I heard Lorenzò's taunting voice behind me, and I turned around just in time to see our teacher's face turn into an erupting volcano.

Oh, bloody hell, I hope they make it, I averted my attention from my friends - who were sprinting the opposite way for their dear lives - and forward to be slapped by the wind.

Should I buy caskets? I considered it but shook my head to force myself to focus on the important mission.

I'm going to catch this girl once and for all, putting an end to this game. And I swear, if she gets away again - I won't hesitate to turn this entire kingdom upside down.

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