Chapter 13 | Strike Three

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Elena's P.O.V.

Goddammit! That's the only thing I have to say.

Why did I have to be so naïve to think that I would get to the theater without any problems? Obviously, I was terribly wrong to assume that His Majesty wouldn't look for me. Ugh, next time I will make him fall into a pile of rocks.

But on the contrary, I have the upper hand thanks to the great headstart. Ethan and the two other hooded guys were far behind, and the fact that the villagers slowed them down was a bonus.

My lips curled up into a smile at the fact that the prince would have a very hard time trying to catch me.

Ha, who said it would be easy?

I continued to run, avoiding bumping into the villagers and animals in the busy street. My eyes were locked forward, but I would occasionally sneak glances around to try and find the alley again.

But then my run stagnated.

Why am I stopping? You might wonder. Let me tell you why.

One of Ethan's allies was standing in front of me, blocking my escape route.


The tall boy took a step forward, causing me to take one back. "Please, don't run," he spoke with airy words, holding his hands up in surrender. "I'm just here to talk."

Instead of answering him, I scanned my surrounding, looking for an alternative route. Unfortunately, there was only a small booth that was selling huge carpets, the products covering the entire stall.

And then an idea struck my mind like lightning. Slowly, I began to - don't judge me - walk backward to make the blond-haired boy follow me and go forward.

It wasn't before I got him on the spot I wanted him to stand that I stopped backing up. I had to bite my lower lip from preventing the smug smile from spilling over my face and expose my plan.


"I'm not here to hurt you," the blue-eyed boy said as if I was afraid of him.

Pfft! If there's somebody you should fear, it's definitely me.

"Can't say the same thing about you, Blondie," was my answer that triggered the smile on my lips.

The boy tilted his head to the side with furrowed eyebrows, a baffled look written on his face. And before he could say or do anything, I pulled on the rope that held one of the many carpets on the booth's roof.

When Blondie looked up, it was already too late. He didn't even get the chance to move out of the way when the heavy material fell on top of him, almost squeezing him.

"Ah!" He screamed from the ground, his entire body covered with carpets in different colors and patterns.

I quickly jumped over him and took off, running and laughing at the same time. The poor guy was being yelled at by an old woman, even hit in the head with a stick. This only made me laugh even more.

Strike one.

Rounding another corner, I glanced behind me for a split second to see if Ethan was still following. A smile bathing in triumph grew on my face when he was nowhere to be seen.

What an idiot. Did he really think that he could-

"Gotcha!" Before I could process what was happening, someone had already taken a hold of me and stopping me momentarily from running.

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