Through Time by xxshannaro
Through Timeby Sadie
Sakura wakes up one morning and she's twelve again. How did this happen? More importantly, what is she going to do about it? Adventure and Humour await, but not without...
  • naruto
  • sakurastrong
  • timetravel
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Broken Magic Brothers by worldreader18
Broken Magic Brothersby Lizzy Paige
Hadrian Potter just found out he has been used to kill an innocent man. After the final battle Harry is sent back to fourth year along with several other people. When...
  • timetravel
  • tomriddle-tommygaunt
  • marauders
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For the Future, I Wish to Change the Past by SarcasticKitsune
For the Future, I Wish to Change t...by Hayoen
The remains of the Fourth Shinobi War are three people. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. They are the only ones left. With his last strength, Naruto uses a Forbidden Technique...
  • team7
  • saiino
  • jinchuuriki
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A Couple Steps Back by ANBU_Black_Ops
A Couple Steps Backby ANBU Black Ops
They failed, and they weren't proud of it either. With nobody left to save, and nothing left to do, the three men have given up all hope. Obito and Madara and merciless...
  • time-travel
  • uchiha
  • timetravel
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This Time We Do It My Way by SarcasticShadows720
This Time We Do It My Wayby Alexandra Hager
Harry Potter has become the Master of Death. He's discovered the duplicity of those he thought loved him, so he goes back, and this time he's playing by his own rules.
  • timetravel
  • dark
  • masterofdeath
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Time Travel Lovers by EmpressAelin
Time Travel Loversby EmpressAelin
After the Hidden Leaf is destroyed Naruto and Hinata make a difficult decision. They have to go into the past and are now going to try and change everything. After four...
  • narutouzumaki
  • hinatauzumaki
  • hinata
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A Forgotten Time (A Klaroline Story) by InvisibleDramaGirl
A Forgotten Time (A Klaroline Stor...by Aubrey
Caroline goes back in time to either kill Klaus or stop him from becoming a vampire, but will she continue to be able to ignore his charm.
  • klaus
  • vampire
  • nik
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SECOND CHANCE by foreverhistorybook
SECOND CHANCEby ForeverHistoryBook✪
Pain, that was all she felt. The guy she loved with all her heart betrayed her. He stabbed her in the back. After everything she did for him...he repaid her with death...
  • happiness
  • reincarnation
  • shortstory
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Misplaced Angel (Slowly Editing) by Angie8177
Misplaced Angel (Slowly Editing)by Angie8177
A fierce Knight... Known for his victorious battles on the field by day and his prowess by night, Lord Duncan of Chaswick, fierce Knight and Warrior had no idea how mu...
  • generalfiction
  • historicalfiction
  • hiddengems
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Occulta Proditione (H.P) by aliciamegan
Occulta Proditione (H.P)by |alicia|
Set in the settings of; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. -Waking up in the past in his fourth year, Harry finally gets...
  • possessivetom
  • vampireharry
  • trxhp
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Second Chances (Naruto TimeTravel fic) by HollyGill
Second Chances (Naruto TimeTravel...by Crimson
Sasuke and Naruto get transported back in time thanks to Kurama. Now they both have the chance to change the past for the better... But it turns out that knowing everyth...
  • sasuke
  • kyuubi
  • happy
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Believer by ANBU_Black_Ops
Believerby ANBU Black Ops
With the war having come to a close, the losses beginning to weigh heavy on all those who survived, Naruto finds himself wishing he could have prevented it from ever hap...
  • hatake
  • kushina
  • uzumaki
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Reincarnated and Transferred by Kurokoki
Reincarnated and Transferredby SiP (like a sir)
Reese, a 16-year old brunette female teen and a die-hard Hitman Reborn! Fan, is met with an untimely end. But being shot, and supposedly 'Transferred' to her favourite a...
  • vongola
  • 10th
  • fanfiction
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Albus Not Again! by adalaide391
Albus Not Again!by adalaide391
A next generation time travel story. Warning this book takes place after the events in Cursed Child. Albus Potter is about to embark on his fifth year in Hogwarts with...
  • marauders
  • fredandgeorge
  • grimmauldplace
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Turais Black by Aquacat22
Turais Blackby -,`Ember
Harry has never been able to comprehend a sibling relationship before, but he always thought he'd be great at it. Until, as Master of Death, he's reborn as one Turais Ri...
  • dracomalfoy
  • remuslupin
  • ronweasley
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To the Present (Hamilsquadxreader) by Mythical_stars
To the Present (Hamilsquadxreader)by 🏳️‍🌈Wolfie🏳️‍🌈
What happens if the hamilsquad appear in your bedroom? what happens when you take them to see hamilton? well read to find out (DISCLAIMER: Hamilton doesn't belong to me...
  • herculesmulligan
  • hamilton
  • johnlauren
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The future has never looked better (a naruto fanfiction) #wattys2016 by AmalieCO
The future has never looked better...by Amalie C. Olsen
What would you do if you were given the opportunity to change the future? Would you do it? Well Sasuke, Sakura, Shikamaru and Naruto did not get to choose. They were to...
  • wattys2016
  • naruto
  • hokage
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Another Chance by Dark_Mysteries
Another Chanceby 🔆 Ihetchu 🔆
Madara Uchiha can be many things, but being a female was not one of them. ----------- Everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how bad they were in their past lives...
  • chances
  • uzumaki
  • genderbender
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Scarred Hearts (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Fanfiction) by Riyah404
Scarred Hearts (Moon Lovers: Scarl...by Riyah404
This is because the korean drama series left so many 'what ifs' in my mind... and because I want to give Wang So and Hae Soo more happy times... I still follow the stor...
  • timetravel
  • moonlovers
  • brotherhood
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Rewind: Book 1 by strawhat_pirate
Rewind: Book 1by strawhat_pirate
Kakashi Hatake has watched the world burn. Obito Uchiha and Madara have done a real number on their world. With Konoha gone, along with almost everyone in it, he finds t...
  • thirdhokage
  • hizuren
  • konoha
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