The Girl with Blue eyes by Lightning_nicole
The Girl with Blue eyesby Light🖤
The girl with blue eyes... what can I say about her. Some people think she's a myth. Some people think she's the hero that saves this town. But I don't believe it. She's...
  • timetravel
  • superhero
  • time
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Everything Comes with a Price (Harry Potter Fanfiction) by TheFearedShisui
Everything Comes with a Price (Har...by KnockTurnYourAlley
"What's the price?" "There is no price" "There's always a price..." "True"
  • lucimalfoy
  • prices
  • youdontknowwhativedone
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Edit and remake by JurgenAlfonsoRomero
Edit and remakeby Jurgen Alfonso Romero
Regresar al pasado y cambiar ciertos detalles puede ser posible y sin salir de casa.
  • pasadoypresente
  • timetravel
Hamilton Sees Hamilton (BC this title is basic) by TheWeirdMusicalNerd
Hamilton Sees Hamilton (BC this ti...by NervousBreakdown
Woowowowowowowowoowiwiwow I'm basic as fuck. I mean look at that title. But this is a book you wouldn't expect from me- It doesn't include the reader but instead my OC I...
  • 1700-2000
  • hamilton
  • timetravel
A Place in Time  by user70562623
A Place in Time by Sarah Hampe
Jozie thinks her life is pretty ordinary until she finds herself stuck in the early 19th century after hiding from a bad thunderstorm. When the first thing she sees afte...
  • timetravel
  • england
  • victorian
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Rewind by Becka_Barclay
Rewindby PurpleLionPaladin
Lance Just wanted to to do right, to undo his wrongdoing. for those violet-sky eyes to look at him differently. to look at him lovingly.
  • lance
  • pidge
  • keith
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Wayn [ Prologue is out ! ]  by FaithLidia
Wayn [ Prologue is out ! ] by faith 🌻
*** first book of the immortal series *** - " where are you going sweetheart ? " That sentence sounds familiar . Trying hard to run seems impossible if that'...
  • omega
  • alpha
  • werewolf
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Merlin's Apprentice by iloveart411
Merlin's Apprenticeby iloveart411
Something weird has happened to Elaine. She definitely wasn't in her hometown anymore. To make that even better, she now was stuck in Camelot during the times of King Ar...
  • booklover
  • kingarthur
  • timetravel
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Time Is Irrelevant by iDozCupQuake
Time Is Irrelevantby Emily Crowston
Read to find out
  • timetravel
  • fighting
  • action
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The Unexpected by Middlemist2
The Unexpectedby Middlemist2
Percy and Annabeth go back in time to read the House of Hades. Was accidentally deleted, but once has over 4.4 reads, and 120 votes. Formerly "The Unexpected (Readi...
  • artemis
  • romans
  • connorstoll
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More Than Love | Avelyn Fan Fiction by NotOkayChick
More Than Love | Avelyn Fan Fictionby Shipping-Queen
"My dear, for helping me you may choose one of my Items" The old shopkeeper told me, I shook my head "I was just doing the right thing ma'am" I told...
  • avelyn
  • lovetriangle
  • timetravel
A Dash Of The Unknown by Vicky1599
A Dash Of The Unknownby Vicky19
Anwen Gilbert lived a normal life until a not so normal night when she meets a strange boy that he claims he teleported inside her home! Who is that guy? Why is Anwen so...
  • triggerwarnings
  • suicide
  • death
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In the next life by weirdbtsfan2402
In the next lifeby Mia the wierdo
"Will you remember me?" "I can't escape you, I will never forget you." Read...
  • time
  • timetravel
  • teendrama
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Missing Music by Haku_Drawgan17
Missing Musicby Haku_Drawgan
Members of a popular musician fan club discover that their favourite musician is a time traveler. And that every time she needs a new hit, she'll steal it from the past...
  • lyrics
  • singing
  • edsheeran
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The Greed of Gluttons by Timecutter
The Greed of Gluttonsby AceWixGaming
in a time nonexistent to humans, monsters, aliens, or otherwise, there lives a large group of gigantic, building sized monsters called HUNGERS, who have a prophecy, It's...
  • horror
  • timetravel
  • giant
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Alex And Alice: The Beginning by Complazra
Alex And Alice: The Beginningby Complazra
Alex is a 14 year old boy who lost his sister 5 years ago for unknown reasons. He decides to build a remote that freezes time to prevent it happening, and he discovers t...
  • alex
  • alice
  • timetravel
The Fallen Autumn Leaves by Agnes7016
The Fallen Autumn Leavesby Insomniac7016
Liza Vincent is a girl who has no dreams or aspirations, but a tale of incidents makes her to choose archaeology. Research has always interested her. Such a research bri...
  • romance
  • sliceoflife
  • timetravel
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In Time | c.h.w by etherealwonho
In Time | c.h.wby wonho's babygirl
In which Hyungwon is a time traveler who vowed to protect time, but when he realized it wasn't just time he needed to protect, all of that changedㅡincluding himself. (C...
  • dramarama
  • fanfiction
  • hyungwon
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Back in the day by jbug1245
Back in the dayby jbug1245
This dude accidentally time travels tf lol
  • itswaypastmybedtime
  • unfinished
  • readthisstory
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