Chapter 40 | Right Hands

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Elena's P.O.V.

"It's over, Claes. You lost," Ethan stepped slowly and carefully, his hand gripping the handle of his sword. "Put the dagger away and let her go, and I promise you - on my honor - there will be no harm done to you under the arrest."

The pirate let out a twisted laugh with a hint of madness, "Do ye take me for a fool, rat? If it was really over, why am I still standing?"

The rain was coming heavier and stronger, almost as if it was parallel to my distress. Coldness and raindrops eroded my skin, causing my body to shake. It was all making me lightheaded and my sight blurry.

"Captain Claes, you will not gain anything from this," Prince Haru tried to reason him. "In fact, it will look better for the jury if you end this peacefully."

"Ye want peace?" He guffawed, "I'll show ye some peace." Slowly, he began to cut my shoulder and carried the torture to my collarbone, drawing blood that cried like tears.

I bit my teeth from crying out in pain, digging my nails into his arms in a vain hope to make him let go.

"Stop it!" Ethan's voice made the agony stagnate, his eyes burning with a hatred so dark it made him look like an entirely different person. "You have one last chance to do the right thing, Claes, or else you will pay deeply for the consequences."

Like I have said before, I wasn't sure if I preferred the pirate's silence over his crackling voice. But one thing is for certain: behind the quiet clouds is a storm that has yet to be seen.

Just like I anticipated, he lashed out again; cutting my other collarbone in a slow way that made my skin burn and splinter.

After the torturing slash, he had to hold me up as my body was too overwhelmed with pain to stand on its own. "Ye sure I'm the one meeting the consequences?"

Although his laughter came next to me, I still detected the sound as distant and faint. The ache was becoming too heavy and the injuries were burning. At one moment, I forgot what was even happening.

Someone was talking, but I could not pin the voice. Instead, I met Ethan's tense and frightened eyes, watching how the distraught cut his face.

"What do ye say, Doll?" The pirate suddenly spoke to me, shaking me harshly to catch my attention.

Although I had not detected a single word of the conversation that played out, I knew right away what my reply would be. "Do me a favor, and just go fly a kite."

I could tell that he was not amused when he kicked my ankle, worsening my balance and strength to stand. The skin on the back of my foot felt like it was split, causing another injury and bruise that I would have a long time to recover from.

I hate this.

"Don't come any closer!" So suddenly, I was roughly yanked back, causing me to pry my eyes open to see what was happening. "Put down the sword, rat, or else she dies." Claes lifted my head with the dagger in his hand, making Ethan bitterly draw his weapon away.

So, this is how I'm gonna die? I thought quietly, gazing every person's role in the conflict.

Lorenzò and Conner were standing in the background, their anxious eyes were glued to every movement. They seemed to be more nervous than me; biting nails and chewing on their hair.

Prince Haru was trying to negotiate with the stubborn pirate in vain. I knew he was trying his best to end this in the most peaceful way possible, but Captain Claes was just too vengeful and cruel.

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