Chapter 17 | Why Are You Defending My Stalker?

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Elena's P.O.V.

The moment I stepped into the 16th century (those statements never get old) I wasted no time to climb up the hill and run straight to the village.

Thanks to the dumbass driver who almost killed me, and made my situation with Adam even more awkward, I came much later than I had planned.

Stupid idiot. . . the next time I see that old, broken car, I will make sure to break it into pieces and use one to hit the driver for being so reckless.

When I reached the village, the loud streets filled my ears before my eyes could catch its sight. Without a further thought, I pulled the gray hood over my head, concealing my hair and face with my new clothing.

If I didn't want to be caught by His Majesty and his companions, I had to keep my head low and don't draw any attention towards me.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Basically, I'm trying to stay invisible with my hood. Just like Robert Pattinson when people mention Twilight.

Can't be that hard, right?

Obviously, I can't take down three guys - at least not at the same time - therefore, my biggest strategy would be using my brain.

If Hazel ever heard me say that out loud, I swear, I would never hear the end of it.

I blended into the sea of people, occasionally turning around to make sure that I wasn't followed again. After a while, I found myself walking into the heart of this place with no one after me.

This plan is going great for the time being.

But when my attention traveled to my surroundings, my orbs were slowly beginning to settle down on a familiar blonde hair.

I squinted to make out the identity of the person standing next to a booth, and when she turned around, a huge smile cracked my poker-face.

A bullet of happiness shot through my body, and I did something that was against my entire plan of staying invisible: I shouted.

"Aria!" She clearly didn't hear me through the turmoil of noises, but that didn't stop me from speed-walking to her. "Aria!" I shouted again with my hands cupped around my mouth, successfully drawing her attention to me.

Her face was painted in confusion, but it was soon replaced with a goofy smile on her pink lips when our eyes met.

"Elena!" My blonde-haired friend enfolded me in a big hug, the basket of groceries hanging around her elbow. "It's so good to see you again," she pulled away at an arm's length. "I haven't seen you in days, where have you been?"

I smiled with an innocent shrug. "Around."

"Well aren't you such an informative person?" She chuckled and let go of my arms.

"I try my best," was my response that made the girl in the red dress laugh.

However, her hilarity did not live to its fullest due to her being too busy turning her head around. Her eyes were wary, looking and searching as if she was making sure no one could follow her words.

My eyebrows knitted in perplex when the older girl's smile didn't falter, yet, it looked like she was cautious of speaking.

"Have you heard?" Her voice was low and filled with excitement.

A puzzled look was burgeoning on my face, "Heard what?"

The brown-eyed girl sighed in glee, looking dreamily into the air. "There are rumors saying that the prince was here, in this very own village, can you believe that?"

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