Chapter 1 | Maybe This Isn't My Day After All. . .

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Elena's P.O.V.

Have you ever wanted to live in your own fairytale world?

A place without worries or pain, and a freedom that offers happiness. I know that I do, and I even imagine it every day like I was some child playing princess again.

Sometimes, the true reality can ruin your life. Hurt you. It can even break you; leaving you to put those shattered pieces together again. And just when you think that you've had enough, life gives you more, forcing you into a deadly fight between night and day - a war you must win, because if you don't. . . at least you died trying.

But hey, just because you're surrounded by water everywhere, doesn't necessarily mean that your destiny is to drown.

You could always swim, you know?

What I'm trying to say is, when the only thing you see is darkness, you know where the light is not. When your shadow disappears, you know where it's hiding.

But still, who doesn't want to live in their own fairytale world? A story filled with a pure bliss you enjoy to read over and over again. Just think about it, you could start from the very beginning, and even avoid the mistakes you've learned to live with.

And when I say 'fairytale', it doesn't necessarily have to be about knights, dragons or princesses. It doesn't matter what tale of fantasy it is, as long as it makes you happy, it's a fairytale.

You could say that I've read too many books for my own good, but who doesn't like a great story? Call me old-fashioned for adoring fairytales rather than some modern 'bad boy' story you find everywhere, I really don't care.

Fantasy is just so much better, and it's not because of Prince Charming or the cliché endings where the good always wins - no. I enjoy it because it's different from the reality. Different from all of our lives put together.

"Hello! Hazel from Earth calling Elena!"

And sometimes, there are people who are just different to the entire humankind - without even trying.

Although the frantic waving of my friend's hand reminded me of someone having a seizure, it successfully snapped me back to reality.

Blinking a couple of times, I looked away from the window and at the girl with the same eye color as her name. She wore a look of annoyance, which caused her to tap her finger on her golden, deep brown skin.

"Huh, did you say anything?" The confusion from my voice filled the air, which resulted in the curly-coated girl rolling her eyes.

Ah, I'm such a good friend.

"Have you even listened to anything I've said for the past ten minutes?" She waited for a reply - despite the fact that she knew the answer.

Before I could let a word slip out of my mouth, the school bell rang, making my blood-red lips curl up into a guilty smile.

"Sorta," we both knew that was a lie due to the uncertain tone in that one, little word. "You were talking about how much you love me, and then realizing that you are nowhere near my class."

A sigh escaped my friend's lips as she face-palmed, which made her big and corkscrew-like hair cover the annoyed expression on her soft features. "The day I as much as confess anything great about you, is the day I die."

Rolling my eyes at her statement, I followed her out of the cafeteria. "Please, I bet you're going to tell me how amazing I am tonight at the full moon."

"In your dreams, Campbell," Hazel's words were the last thing that was spoken before our breaths were knocked out like a punch in the stomach.

It wouldn't have been that difficult to breathe if it hadn't been for those icy blue eyes to our English teacher, Mr. Walter, who were glaring deadlier than a murder could ever do.

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