Chapter 9 | It Even Smelled Fresh

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Elena's P.O.V.

The moment I got home, I raced to the kitchen like Lightning McQueen did when escaping the police.

Kids, here is another lesson for today: don't run from the police if they are chasing you. And Second of all: charge your phone before you travel through time.

Frustration itched me like a mosquito bite when my stupid phone showed a black screen with an unnecessary sign of an empty battery blinking on it.

Yes, I would have never guessed that the battery is empty had it not been for the sign. Thank you, Steve Jobs, I don't know what I would have done without you.

"Oh, come on!" I urged it as if it would somehow be fully charged in a couple of seconds.

If you think I'm over-exaggerating, you have obviously never met Hazel Phillips. If I have just one little, missed call from her, I can just wave goodbye to this life.

Trying to calm down and stop myself from pacing back and forth before I make a hole in the floor, I occupied my brain to think about something else instead of my funeral plans. However, my mind traveled to the mind-wrecking 'adventure', which only gave me a massive headache.

Okay, so I found that the weird light is actually a portal, which takes me back in time and changes everything I carry and wear.

Damn, only that sentence alone shreds my brain into a million pieces

And then there is a monk who knows that I traveled through time, because 'God said so'.

Should I be worried about this?

Bricks of a headache were thrown onto my poor mind, hitting every inch of my empty head. My fingers automatically began to massage my temples in an attempt to decrease the pain.

"Goddammit. . ." I mumbled, closing my eyes and letting everything sink in like quicksand. Heck, even school can't roast my brain like this strange day did.

My thoughts began to wander to Aria, the nice girl I bumped into. Literally.

A smile crept across my face when I stumbled over the memory of Clarissa embarrassing her daughter, and the lecture about what not to do with a broken arm.

Spoiler alert: it's everything.

As I looked down at my broken bone, my eyes widened to see that the cast was looking brand new, heck, it even smelled fresh.

I was torn between the feeling of happiness to have found a way to change my cast easier, and the emotion of horrendous perplex.

But on the contrary, at least I don't have to go to the hospital and face stupid, grumpy Ms. Wither.

My sea of thoughts continued, and I found myself diving deeper into it as I thought back to Francis.

The fact that he knew about time travel broke my mind, and if I think too much of it, I will become brain-dead.

Before another wave of headache could hit me, the memory of his magnificent talent surfaced.

Although we only met today, I couldn't stop the feeling that we may have something more in common than the piano and the knowledge of time travel. There was something I had yet to discover - a hidden side.

Maybe I'll find out when I go back?

Despite the condition I was left in, I'm still going to travel through time. This is too big of a discovery to ignore, especially when I'm so deeply entwined in it.

And last but not least, my brain traveled to the end of the train: Ethan. Only thinking his name made me roll my eyes.

"Moron," I muttered with a smile, remembering how foolishly he fell into my trap.

However, the birdbrain did help me, so I guess he's not that bad.

But hell to the no if you think I want to see his face again. His Highness can just get his head out of his ass if he thinks he can find me.

And that was the last comment for today's adventure due to my phone that finally lit up like 4th of July.

A breath escaped my lips when I had no missed calls or messages.

Hallelujah, I'm not going to die today!

My body was sore and begged for some rest. Tiredness hugged all of my muscles and the blood inside my arm beat against my flesh. Yet, nothing of it mattered to me when I, despite the protests from my body, called Hazel.

I want to hear her voice before I go to bed. Sue me.

A couple of seconds passed before she finally answered. "Hello?"

"It's me," I snickered at my reference to Adele's song.

I could practically hear Hazel rolling her eyes. "Not this again. . ."

"You know you love me."

"You're calling early, any reason for that?" She asked, causing me to check the time on the microwave.

5:06 P.M.

Pfft, it's not that early, I ignored the feeling of being gone for more than four hours. Actually, It felt like I had been gone for centuries.

"Yeah, I just wanted to annoy you."

Hazel sighed, causing my lips to curl into an amused smile. "Well, since you're not dead or haven't done anything stupid. Yet. I must end this pointless conversation. Goodbye, and take your medications before you go to bed."

"Yeah, yeah. I was actually- wait, what do you mean by 'yet'?" Although my actions weren't noticeable for her to see, I still narrowed my eyes as I listened to her warm laughter.

"Just take your medicine and call me later." With that said, she hung up.

Wow, no 'I love you's?

Despite Hazel's harsh way to end a phone call, I obligated her orders. She might not be a doctor, but she takes care of me better than I or anyone could ever do.

After I took the medications Dr. Lee had given me, I decided to watch a movie on Netflix - Flypaper - while snuggling up into the warmth of the soft blankets.

Although the movie was a comedy film about a bank robbery, I could still not concentrate on it. Unconsciousness pulled me into its arms, melting into my tired body.

Looks like sleep won this fight.

My mind opened the dangerous door to the today's adventure. Although it makes me question my entire existence - and violate every law of physics that have ever been written, - a happy smile still formed on my blood-red lips.

Despite all the headaches and trains of queries, a feeling of excitement still danced like a happy Irish step-dancer inside my stomach by the thought of going back. My body and head may not be that eager, but I am.

Perhaps breaking an arm was worth this discovery, after all?

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