A Short Message

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I just want to make it clear that this story does not follow the timeline Slavic, nor does it match the entire reality of the time it is described in.

You may experience words and things that weren't invented (or used that much) in the medieval time. For example, a high-five.

Also, I do not own any of the songs nor the lyrics that have been used in this book.

Either than that, the story, incidents, character etc. are owned by me.

Additionally, I have to warn you that this story does develop somewhat dark and heavy. If you feel it is too much, I advise you to stop reading.

And one last thing, my first language is not English, so if you were to find some grammar mistakes, comma mistakes, misspelled words etc., do comment about it and point it out.

After all, you have to improve yourself as much as you can.

Text copyright © ElsaS7

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