Chapter 26 | You're An Idiot

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Elena's P.O.V.

"You were so amazing, Elena!" Hazel gaily exclaimed with a wide smile that beamed from her face. "I swear, you're the best soccer player this school has ever had, heck, I still don't understand why you're not the team captain."

I briefly laughed while I strapped the heavy gym bag tighter on my back. "Because there's a lot of responsibility coming with that role - and you know better than anyone else that I'm the most unreliable person to be in charge of anything or anyone, better yet, leading a team."

Today's soccer game had without any doubt been one of our best, and I swear, I think I even saw our principal cry when it was announced that we had won with seven to one.

Seven to one! Can you believe that?

Hazel chewed on my words, "Yeah, you're right. Jeez, what was I even thinking - I mean, you as a team captain? You? You would have probably burnt down the entire field before the game could even-"

I cut her off by pushing her away, "Oh, jump into a volcano."

She laughed and gave me a light bump, "But I'm serious, Elly, you should be the captain of our school's soccer team, and I know that many agree with me when I say this: you would be a great leader for your teammates."

My eyes met the bright hazel ones that belonged to my dearest friend, and a smile stretched across my face as her warm words slowly melted. "Nah, it's too much work and I'm too lazy - and you know what they say; with great power comes great responsibility. And I think that Laila does a very good job taking that responsibility and leading us to victory."

For a brief second, I heard a faint sigh rolling out of her lips. "But Laila won't be here forever, you know? She's soon going to college and that will leave the team leaderless." The tone in her voice was cordial, and I knew that every word she was reaching me with was sincere. "Just think about it, okay? Promise me that you will at least consider it."

Her last statement took me by surprise, I wasn't really expecting our conversation to turn into a serious direction.

"I will, Hazel, don't worry, I do have some level of self-esteem," we lightheartedly laughed for the next minutes, walking home with the evening air swirling around us. The dim beams shining from the street lights fell on the concentrated street and on us, something that made our shadows dance on the ground.

We walked into infinity and to eternity, enjoying each and every second we shared with each other. The wispy wind that bid the cold air for a dance surrounded us, and even though there were goosebumps scattered over my frigid body, I still felt warm and contented.

"Hazel," I spoke after a pause filled with the night's music.


Another silence fell in the air as I tried to chew my nervousness down. "Can I ask you something? Something. . . bizarre?"

My friend raised an eyebrow, "So, basically any other question you would normally ask?"

A huff of chuckling air left my nose, and with a swift move, I lightly hit her naked arm. "No, I'm half-serious about this."

She snorted with laughter. "Well, in that case, ask away."

I smiled, but then the gleam fell as I tasted my words. "So, erm. . . do you think, well, I mean, err. . ." All the letters I had put in specific order were now stumbling over each other, something that made my sentences a messy stew. It took a cough and a shake of my head to clear my mind and to free my tongue from the tie. "Let me try this again; Hazel, do you - as odd and ridiculous as it sounds - believe in magic?"

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