Chapter 20 | How Much Have You Been Drinking Today?

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Elena's P.O.V.

"Okay, I'm asking you one last time - and you better give me an answer, Missy." The great interrogator, Hazel, said with a stern and irritated tone laced in her voice. "Where. The heck. Have you been?"

I tried to give her my most annoyed look through the dark kitchen - but it was all in vain. There was barely any light to burn through our shadowed surroundings.

One of these days, I will make sure to get a brain transplant for my friend.

"For Christ's sake, Hazel, you've watched too many detective movies. Instead of acting out a scene you once saw in an old movie, you could actually just ask me where I have been like a normal person."

The hazel-eyed girl glared daggers. "Great, you just ruined everything," she muttered angrily and turned on the light in the room. "Such a killjoy. . ."

"At least I'm not the crazy one anymore," I crossed my arms, causing Hazel to snort like a horse.

"Please, we all know that you are, and will always be, crazy," she looked me up and down, her raised eyebrow formed into a brilliant line. "You can't escape your true identity, Elena."

"You're lucky that murder is illegal." I threatened, causing her lips to crack into a smile.

"Why am I still friends with you?" She chuckled and walked towards the refrigerator. "Okay, but for real though, where were you yesterday and just today?" She took out a children's juice box and raised her eyebrow.

If kids can drink it, then so can I.

I sighed. "At the stable, school, home, and just generally on planet earth, what about you? Did you finally find your home planet yet?"

"Shut up," she threw an apple at me, which I barely caught. "You should be grateful that I care enough about you to come here in the middle of the night - on a school day."

If some certain people could care half as much as Hazel, that would've been great too.

"It's only seven, dumbass, it's barely night." My words seemed to have been a code word for her to throw another apple at me, and this time, I wasn't as lucky as the last time. "Ow!"

Her face broke into an amused smile. "Now, that's what I call karma."

I snorted, "The joke is on you, stupid, because karma will strike right back at you for hurting-" Hazel shrugged her shoulders before she threw a third apple at my face, cutting me off from my sentence. "For Buddha's sake! I will get my soccer shoes and kick that ass you call a face."

My friend rolled her eyes, "Consider yourself lucky that I'm too tired to kill you right now."

"Yeah, I'm sure that's the reason why," I arched an eyebrow with a smirk playing on my lips, resulting in Hazel groaning and rubbing her eyes tiredly.

"I'm going home, I can't handle all this-" She gestured her hands towards me. "-Elena."

"Jeez, thank you."

Swinging her purse over her shoulder and throwing the empty juice box in the trashcan, she walked out of the kitchen and towards the hall. "Goodnight, Elly. Don't let strangers inside or invite any idiot except for yourself in this house - bye!" The insult I had on the tip of my tongue was silenced by Hazel who purposely slammed the door to dodge my comment.

Damn you, Hazel! I rolled my eyes and put the two apples back to its place, leaving the last one for me to eat. What? Just because it hit my face doesn't mean it's inedible.

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