Chapter 7 | You Are Not Really Religious, Are You?

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Elena's P.O.V.

After I had tightened my sky blue hood around my shoulders, I continued my journey through the village. I had almost forgotten how fun it was to play soccer.

It felt like it had been a forever since I last touched a soccer ball.

My head turned around in every direction and corner of the busy street, my eyes wanting to capture as many details of the village as possible.

I was still amazed by how big and lively everything was. Even my neighborhood has never been this chaotic, and there is a college guy - named Carl - living next to me. He was the one who sent me a drawing of flowers when I was in the hospital since he can't afford real ones.

Carl literally hosts a party every week, something I don't really mind since we get along and all. However, I can't say the same thing with the other neighbors who hate his guts. . .

An abundance of noises drowned my ears, especially the shouting from the salespeople who tried to catch everyone's attention. Due to them distracting me, I almost didn't jump out of the way of some running kids.

That was a close one, I tried to avoid standing in the way of the other villagers, but it's easier said than done.

This is why I wish I could fly, because only then would I know where the heck I am and get a better sight of my surroundings.

Wait a minute. . . Seconds passed slowly as the raindrops of realization turned into a heavy storm. Then, the tsunami finally hit me.

Where am I?

My head turned around like an owl, searching for a way out of this full-packed sea of people and animals. However, every inch was occupied by someone or something, which left no escape route.

"Oh, mierda."

To not feed the panic, I planted my feet on the ground and let my eyes wander for an exit. A cold, collected mind was needed If was going to make it out.

Suddenly, a carriage was lifted and taken away, barely exposing a narrow and dark alley with no one swarming around it.

Hallelujah! I cheered and speed-walked to the shadowed alley.

"Thank God," I mumbled when I reached the soulless corridor, pressing my back against the cold, concentrated wall.

I need to get home. Who knows how long I have been here?

If I didn't contact Hazel before the night hits the day, then I could just wave goodbye to my freedom and life.

Meanwhile, my mind was dwelling on whether I should ask for directions or not, my eyes began to travel down the dark alley.

I threw another look around me, bewildered over the lack of people.

Was it a dead-end? Or maybe it's the home of the Mafia? Wait, did these gangs even exist at this time?

As my list of query grew longer by each thought, I found myself walking down the alley to grab the chance of finding an answer rather than chewing on hypotheses.

I know what you're thinking: 'Have you never seen a horror movie?'

My only defense to that question is that my curious mind always gets the best of me. If I don't figure something out, I will become restless for an entirety.

Perhaps the saying 'the curiosity killed the cat' is spot on, however, in my case, it should've been 'the stupidity killed the cat'.

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