Chapter 11 | What, The Working Toilets?

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Elena's P.O.V.

Have you ever had a crazy friend who won't let you out of their sight just because you almost died? Well, if you haven't, let me tell you this: it's annoying as heck.

Just because I didn't answer my phone when Hazel called, doesn't mean I'm busy serving a criminal guest some tea! Seriously, this girl needs to take a chill pill because I'm not dead as you can see.

Well, at least not yet.

When that damn Hulk came barging into my house, waking me up from my peaceful slumber, I was sure she was going to collect my soul.
However, a much more terrible fate was settled upon me; she was sleeping over the entire weekend.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy Hazel's company, but when she's acting like the freaking Grim Reaper, it's not that pleasant to have her around.

"Let go, you idiot!" My friend had a tight grip around my shoulders, trying to tear me from the lamppost, that I was holding onto for my dear life, to get me to school.

"No!" I screamed, not wanting to meet the many eyes of every student and teacher. "I'm not ready!"

"For heck's sake, Elena, you can't be a top student if you don't even go to school!"

I gave her a stone dead look, "Watch me."

That was enough for Hazel to let go of me with a groan. "Since when did you become so goddamn strong?"

A cheeky smile found its way to my lips. "Since I broke the laws of physics."


"Laws of physics in my- a broken arm should weaken you, not make you stronger," her words took an abrupt turn as kids passed us with bewildered glances.

"Mind you, my cast is hard enough to kill you," and suddenly, I did the dumbest thing in the history: I let go of the lamppost to prove the cast's iron material.

Hazel took an advantage of my moment of stupidity and ripped me from my safe zone, dragging me to the direction of the school and ignoring my cries.

"No!" I tried to pry her grip off, but since she was fed up with me, that was not happening anytime sooner.

"Oh, for heaven's sake, stop being so melodramatic." She roughly shook my poor arm in a successful attempt to stagnate my desperate efforts to get out of her steel hold. "Earth calling Elena - stop being so childish!"

"Housten, we got a problem - there is an alien abducting me to its torture-chamber," I finally stopped struggling when I saw the school building.

It's over. She won.

A sigh escaped her lips. "How are you even an A-student?"

"Because I am smart, duh!"

"Says the idiot who tripped over a tree root and fell down a hill," she let go of my arm. "You do know that you can't continue to be a top student if you miss classes, right?"

"Please," I started as we walked past the school gates. "I'm too fabulous for my grades to go down," and then I snapped my fingers in a 'Z'-formation.

The brown-haired girl rubbed her face tiredly. "Elena, I don't need your sass now."

"Then you should've let me stay at home and rest," I retorted with a grumpy tone that twisted my voice.

"No, because you need education, and I'm also having my little revenge after you worried me sick Friday night." Her eyebrow arched and a sly smile thrived on her soft features.

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