Chapter 5 | Hasn't Anyone Told You To Rest A Boken Arm?

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Elena's P.O.V.

It felt like I was flying without moving. My body was embraced in this windy warmth, creating a tingling feeling that danced on my skin. And the light that swallowed me made it impossible to open my eyes.

The weird feeling of my body moving did a sudden halt, resulting in me face-planting. And that hard.

"Ugh. . ." I groaned, slowly prying my eyes open to find myself in a muddy grass. Sighing, I supported myself on my elbows and crawled back to my feet.

What the hell just happened?

Good question, I answered myself with a bowl of sarcasm, looking around the forest while clapping the dirt off my hands.

Is it just me, or does everything look and feel different and. . . bizarre?

I may not be a biologist or anything, but the last time I checked, there were no flowers here, and that bush wasn't there a minute ago - wait, why is that tree so small?

"What the heck?" I mumbled, turning around in circles to only see a much greener and - if you can even call it that - lively woods. It felt like I was surrounded by a better or younger version of the forest.

Something isn't right. The feeling of discomfort etched the insides of my stomach, filling me with a whirling sensation.

When I forced myself to take a step forward, the same feeling of something being out of order hit me again - and I quickly looked at my clothing that had triggered it.

I jumped back, my eyes turning into golf balls that threatened to fall out of my eye sockets as I stared at the sudden - and unwillingly - change of clothes.

It wasn't just a little switch of fabrics - no, far from it, heck, it even makes the expanding universe look small. Every single piece of clothing that I wore on my body, just a second ago, was now replaced.


My black pants, blue and long-sleeved shirt that matched my blue raincoat had been replaced by a freaking dress.

A dress!

My cast, on the other hand, had converted into a dirty bandage that was tightly wrapped around my arm.

"Oh my God, what's happening?" Was the only thing I could utter out through the heavy confusion and painful headache that punched me.

The dress held the same color as my shirt - perhaps with a slightly darker color. To be honest, it looked like it came out of the medieval closet.

If I ever wore this to school - oh, boy, would I be famous.

Not only did the dress have a black belt around the waist, but there was a hood in a sky blue color that hung from my shoulders- wait, is that supposed to be my raincoat?

Since when did I change from pants and a shirt to a freaking dress? The question screamed in my head, echoing loudly as I scanned my body over and over again.

"Wait, where's my phone?" And not a second later, my hands frantically ran to every pocket of my clothing to find the newly bought device.

If I lose that damn thing one more time, I swear to God, I will- my thoughts were interrupted when I felt something dangling from my hips.

Pulling it out, I found a leather pouch with two laces hanging loosely around the opening.

What is this? Some kind of a purse? Seriously, what purse looks like a potato sack? It can barely contain any- my phone!

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