Chapter 12 | It Was Your Idea!

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Ethan's P.O.V.

If it hadn't been for all these people to witness my actions, I would've killed Conner.

This is a stupid idea, I repeated to myself as tiredness began to itch my eyes again.

We have been looking for the girl for the past days and there is still no sight - or even the slightest trace - of her. It's like she disappeared into the thin air, almost like she never existed.

Not only was Conner's idea stupid, but so was Lorenzò's.

His idea of a 'disguise' is looking like you're about to harvest somebody's soul. Seriously, couldn't he had chosen a color that didn't match the night?

"Did you find her?" Conner asked with Lorenzò on his heels.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, she's standing right here," I gestured to the empty space on my left.

"Jeez, not only do I have to handle him-" He pointed at Lorenzò who gave him an annoyed glare in return. "-But now you as well."

"We can't stay for much longer," our Hispanic friend nodded towards some villagers that looked strangely at us. "They're getting suspicious."

He was right. Three guys in dark hoods and walking around the village for God know's how many hours was suspicious.

"Are you sure that you described her right?" Conner sighed and scratched his eyes tiredly.

I let a deep breath fall out of my mouth and closed my eyes to organize my thoughts. "Yes, how many times do I have to tell you guys this? She had light brown hair that was a bit messy, frizzy and curly-"

"Guys," Lorenzò chimed in, his attention settled behind us.

"-Eyes like a cat, bandaged arm and wearing a blue hood." I finished with an annoyed glare aimed at Conner.

When I think about it, how can we not have seen her? I mean, she would surely stand out with that broken arm of her.

"So she's a cat now?" My stupid friend replied, sarcasm dripping out of his mouth, causing me to groan in frustration and rub my face roughly.

Are you kidding me? And he is supposed to be the smart one out of the three of us?

"No, it's a metaphorical description, you idiot!" I knew we were just throwing more fuel on the fire, doing more harm than good. However, tiredness can change a person's mind significantly - and often in a bad way.

"Guys. . ."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Platon, but this isn't the time to write a fiction story!" When Conner is sarcastic, you know he is annoyed. "Ugh, I can't believe I'm walking around with a bunch of idiots and looking like a freaking moron."

"It was your idea!"

"At least I know how to ask for a name-"

Before the blond-haired boy could finish his punchable sentence, he was cut off by a loud Lorenzò who snapped at us, breaking our heated fight.

"Guys!" He shouted, resulting in our heads turning to the source of his voice along with the other villagers he had caught the attention of.

"What!?" Conner and I said in unison.

Lorenzò pointed behind us, speaking in a soft tone, "Is it her?" I followed the direction of his finger, looking at what he was so eager for us to see.

At first, I couldn't see who he was pointing at due to this crowded place, but after a while of searching, I finally caught a glimpse of a familiar hood.

My eyes were sucked towards the person with a bandaged arm - the same person who created the war inside my head and left me with a conundrum to puzzle together.

I almost didn't believe what I was seeing. It could've been a trick my mind played with me, but I knew better than that.

Because right there, in front of my very own eyes, was the same girl I met a couple of days ago - the same girl who tricked me was now walking in the sea of people.

My body froze, but a warm gleam melted my dumbstruck muscles, "It's her." I looked back and forth from the mysterious girl. "It's her!" I repeated with a more steady voice this time.

Well, looks like this search wasn't a waste of time after all.

She looked just like the last time I saw her, except for her simple dress that had changed with just a notch of the blue color.

I was about to say something to my friends, but then, as if she felt the touch of my gaze, she followed the traces to my eyes. Her cat-like orbs met mine, resulting in her smile faltering.

Her lips mouthed something that sounded like 'oh, no', and before I knew what was happening, her hood fluttered and she was sprinting down the way she just came from.

I shared a look with the others who were just as dazed as I was, and then, without thinking too much about it, I shouted:

"After her!"

With that said, we all ran after the nameless girl, pushing people out of our way and ignoring those who yelled at us.

This isn't my best plan, I can admit that.

"Damn, she's fast!" I heard Conner say, and I briefly spilled my attention over him to catch a glimpse of him jumping over a wooden carriage.

"Ha, I knew that only looking at your face would make people run." Lorenzò snickered at his own joke, which I chose to ignore.

My attention quickly darted back to the racing girl. Goddammit, why is she so fast?

Not only was she a quick runner, but she also had the advantage of the many villagers that occupied our way. It made it ten times more difficult for us to even step a foot through the crowd.

"We have to split up!" I said loud enough for them to hear me, looking at the girl who was getting further and further away with each step.

Lorenzò and Conner nodded at my orders and quickly ran opposite ways, leaving me alone to continue the run forward.

I swear, if this girl gets away again, I'm going to go crazy.

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