Chapter 33 | Waffles

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Elena's P.O.V.

"I read somewhere that a girl's voice turns higher when she is attracted to you," Carl said with a mouthful of fresh waffles, pointing at me with a grin.

"Huh," I murmured, baking another waffle in the iron-waffle my grandmother sent from Norway. "Not weird they sound like Batman around you."

Although my back was facing him, I could still feel his eyes narrowing in a sharp glare - my senses felt its blade. "Now, that's just mean. And for your information, Marie, I'm a ten."

"Yeah, on a PH-scale," I turned around, putting the plate of fresh-baked waffles on the kitchen island.

His diamond-blue eyes squinted, not understanding my insult. "I know you're offending me, but I don't get it."

A smile crawled on my lips as I pulled out a chair to sit across the older boy. The iron had shaped the waffles like five hearts in one piece, which I found joy in as it reminded me of the beautiful memories when I lived in Norway.

I took one, tearing a heart piece apart to eat. "So, they didn't ruin anything?" My words gestured to the last night's party. "Lucas and his 'gang'?"

The blonde-haired boy shook his head. "Nah, they were chill," he put some jam on his eleventh waffle, copying my way of eating the sweet. "Though I would've preferred that no highschoolers came at my parties at all. No offense, but you guys are cringe."

An air of laughter snorted out of my nose, "Oh, tell me about it."

"God, this tastes so good," he groaned, his mouth overfilled with waffles. "Why haven't you made this earlier? Do you know how long I have been waiting for you to make this deliciousness?"

"Because of that," I pointed as he stuffed two waffles in his mouth.

After almost choking on the food and coughing for air, he spoke. "I need the recipe. My life can't go on without it."

"First of all, it's in Norwegian. Second of all, no. It's my grandmother's secrecy." After slicing a piece of brown cheese (sent from Norway as well by my lovely grandma), I looked up to meet his eyes while eating the waffle with the cheese on top.

Carl gave me a sullen face. "Oh, come on! Can't I be a part of the secrecy?"



"Listen, you walked into my house without knocking and without calling me beforehand, and now you're sitting in my kitchen and eating all of my food. Now, find your manners and stop stalking me."

"Please, stalking you is a waste of time; your life is boring. It was the smell that brought me here, Marie, not you. Besides, it would be rude of you to not share this delicacy with me."

I rolled my eyes, annoyed by his way of caviling about some waffles, "For Claus' sake. Listen, the day I give you this recipe is the day I leave this world. Now shut up and enjoy your fifteenth waffle."

"It's sixteenth now, Ms. Know-it-all."

Such a brilliant family I got here.

"Bollocks, is it three o'clock already? I need to submit an essay in an hour. Bloody hell, I'm so screwed now." Carl has a habit to use British swear words whenever he's stressed.

Don't ask me, he was like this when I found him.

The blonde-haired boy hastily ran to the hall, forgetting his phone that lay on the table. I said nothing, just patiently waited for him to realize it himself.

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