Chapter 4 | What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

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Elena's P.O.V.

Never, in any circumstances, trust a doctor - unless your life depends on it, of course - when they tell you when you can be released from the hospital. Because even if they have a doctorate and all, they're not really good at math as they would have you to believe.

What should've been a week, became a month.

For a month have I been chained to a hospital bed in this four-walled room. For a month have I been eating this disgusting hospital food. And for a month have I done nothing but ruined my training schedule.

But on the other hand, at least I finished all of my homework for this and the next year.

Yes, I'm that kind of a person. Sue me.

However, I wouldn't say that the time I have spent here was all in vain. In fact, I'm walking out of this place with colorful experiences.

If there is one important thing that this place has taught me, it's the fact that it's not easy to break out of the hospital as Hollywood shows it.

You should think that if an old, slow grandfather can escape the hospital, then so can you.

Oh, the lies we have been told.

Another thing I discovered, is that nurses are the biggest gamblers of all times. They love to bet, especially about how far I could execute my escape plans — something they let me carry on with for a while until Dr. Lee stopped me.

Such a killjoy.

"Come on, are you ready or what?" A smiling Hazel tugged on my sleeve, pulling my arm away from packing my belongings.

I looked away from the get-well-soon-card on my desk, catching my friend's eyes that followed my movements.

"Please, I was born ready," I threw the colorful flowers with the piece of paper attached to them in the bin, not sparing a glance at the 'gift' as I zipped my bag.

Hazel watched my actions with a careful eye. "You sure about that?" She started, "I mean, if you had fully developed as an infant, maybe your other brain part would still work today."

"At least I have a brain, you airhead," with that said, I left the room with an annoyed curly-haired girl on my heels.

"Hey! You should be thankful that I'm getting you out of here without breaking the laws."

I snorted as I entered the elevator. "Please, your parents are the ones who are getting me out of here, not you. In fact, you failed to get me out of here."

A cheeky smile danced on her lips, "But at least we beat the nurses in the wheelchair race."

When the elevator had taken us to our requested floor and opened its doors to the world, I could literally smell the freedom — which oddly smelled like sweat and old people.

Although the scent wasn't the greatest, it did not stop the happiness to be smeared on my face like paint.

"Oh heavens, I'm finally free!" I let my loud words ring through the hall, not caring if I was making a scene or catching strange eyes. "The agony can finally end! I am free, my brothers and sisters, hallelujah!"

Hazel let out a deep sigh, "You do know you're nowhere near to be a religious person, right?"

A sly smile made its way to my lips. "Yeah, but I thought I could annoy Ms. Wither one last time before I'm out of here," I turned on the volume of my words when the Devil herself passed by.

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