Chapter 30 | Ditched

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Elena's P.O.V.

Last week was prom night. In spite of the fact that the gym was hackneyed decorated and looking like a cheap and trite party, I still spruced up for the event - heck, I even bought a one-time expensive ball gown!

Normally, I avoid such social gathering and wasting my time and money on depressing stuff like that.

Yes, I understand how pessimistic I sound like, but if you could just have seen how awful the school arranges the annual prom, you would not have even given a regard in the matter.

In fact, consider yourself lucky to never have attended such a cringy event.

And this 'ball' wouldn't have been any different from the others, had it not been for the fact that I was asked out by a certain guy.

Even though I shouldn't nor understood why I was so excited to go to prom with Adam, I was still enthusiastic about the entire thing. A buzzing sensation woke the bustle in me whenever I thought about it in the moments of boredom.

For the first time in my life, I willingly went to the prom.

It could have been the funniest and amusing school ball I have ever attended - even less cringy if you ignored the seventh-grade eyeshadow everyone was wearing.

Keyword: could.

'Why? What happened?' You might ask, and I'll reveal the teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy, little, minor detail in my story that will answer your query.

Adam ditched me.

And to be honest, I'm still not sure who I'm madder at; the football player who discarded me, or myself for going so far for the heavy attire.

But on the other hand, at least I got to see Hazel and Emil dance together and watch how weightless the boy displayed. To see how happy the black-haired boy looked like almost made me forget about my pathetic situation.

Additionally, there was free food - so, I wouldn't say that everything was in vain.

However, there is this small issue that has now occurred, and instead of facing it like a mature person, I'm avoiding and hiding from it.


I am hiding and avoiding Adam who desperately wants to explain his lack of presence. Not my best plan, I can admit that, but I can't stop now considering that I have been hiding for over a week now.

The hide and seek game is strong, let me tell you that.


And I'm so not backing down and solve the situation like an adult.

I ran as quickly as I could out of the school building, irritated over the fact that Adam figured out when I have my piano lessons - God, he's so desperate that he's staying past school day to corner me.

The backdoors slammed open with me flying out of the gap like a burning comet. It wasn't before I found myself in the parking lot that I could feel the panic hitting my chest.

Where do I hide? Where do I hide? Where do I hide?

I frantically looked around, trying to find a spot that could give me cover. No cars - perfect, just perfect! The only occupying setting in this scene was a small group of guys who were surrounded by their motorcycles.

Glancing back at the doors and hearing the distant footsteps growing closer, I bit into the sour, acid apple and ran towards the gang consisting of three people.

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