Chapter 24 | Anything For You, My Flower

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Elena's P.O.V.

"Whoa," I awwed for myself, throwing the apple core into a bucket filled with old food. My head was turning everywhere to see all the details of the preparations, spinning in every degree like an owl.

Ethan chuckled with a warm sound that mirrored his smile. "You look like you haven't seen a jousting tournament before." His eyebrows arched in the air, causing a small, puzzled look to form on his face.

I sucked a sharp, low air through my dry lips, a mask of a grimace breaking the admiration that danced in the air around me. "Well, I mean - oh, look at that! Is that a Belgian draft horse?"

The prince's eyes followed my pointing finger, "By the look of its size, it is most likely- hey, wait up, don't change the subject."

Damn, I knew I should have talked about the weather instead.

"Have you never, in your entire life, been to a jousting before?" Ethan asked, his eyes blinking with disbelief that matched his voice and words. "First you don't know who I am, and now this? Were you locked up in a room your entire life or something?"

I rolled my eyes, "Yes, I'm Rapunzel who was kidnapped as an infant by an evil, adoptive mother who locked me up in a tower for sixteen years." The sarcasm dripped from each and every word that flew out of my mouth, and for a brief second, I thought that he would understand my reference. But then I remembered that he has probably never even heard the name, Disney.

Although my words were supposed to be, somewhat, a comical and great comment, it only reached the prince's annoyance that was mixed with confusion. "Why do I even bother. . ."

We continued to walk around the world of horses and people dressed in armors. Children ran around, laughing and pulling pranks here and there on a couple of the participants, who, in return, chased them for a couple of feet while shouting threats until they disappeared.

Women, especially the young girls, were either talking, smiling, staring or winking at some of the young participants, which these young men returned with either a wink or an air kiss. I inwardly cringed, more than PewDiePie could ever do, at the supposed 'flirting' between the both sides, which was shown on my face as I shook my head with a sharp grimace.

When Ethan saw my expression, his warm orbs followed where I was looking and cringing at, which had him burst out laughing. "Yeah, I know, it's. . ." Even he couldn't find words to describe what we were witnessing.

"Painful, uncomfortable, disturbing and awkward as heck to watch," I finished his sentence, turning my head towards his gleaming state.

"Yeah, pretty much," Ethan shrugged his shoulders, agreeing to my summary. "Come on, the tournament is about to start." As a cue, the sound of horns broke through the crowded place of animals and people, causing the area to empty in a quick speed.

We walked to the field where the jousting was taking place, settling close by a corner with a first-row-view as others began to fill up the room around us. It was the perfect location to see the entire tournament.

"This is amazing," I almost had to shout so Ethan would be able to hear me. "How many of these have you been at?" He leaned close to me with his ear facing my lips.

The prince chuckled, which I could barely detect due to the turbulence of sounds blocking my ears like cotton. "Enough to take a part in the tournament and win."

I snapped my head towards him, a skeptical look evident on my face as I raised my eyebrow. Although our faces were too close for it to be considered as a normal distance, it didn't affect us in any uncomfortable way. "Really?" My single word, containing a strong suspicion of doubt, replaced the smile on His Majesty's face with an eye roll.

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