Chapter 44 | I Hate You

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Elena's P.O.V.

For weeks have I been missing the touch of the nature. I thought the sight of it would make me happier or homely. But now that I am standing in the middle of the forest, it felt weird.

However, it was nothing compared to the sensation to fly through time. The feeling was like a faint hug of a familiar person; it reconnected the cut strings.

Although it was a touch that I hadn't felt in a long time, I could still sense how the air was much colder. For some reason, it made me feel like I was thrown into something new - something different.

And I did not like it.

The walk to my house felt, for some unknown reasons, heavy and shameful. I was anxious for the things that would soon be thrown at me, and I was scared to see what had happened while I was gone.

It was weird to see my house again, and even more bizarre to walk inside of it.

Why does everything feel so cold?

I picked up my phone from the kitchen table that I had left weeks ago. The familiarity of advanced technology was coming back. After all, knowing the technical is just like riding a bike; you never really forget how to use it.

There were several lost calls and text messages from almost everyone I knew - heck, even Emil had called. However, that number was nothing in comparison to the times Hazel had tried to reach me.

It must've been almost a thousand calls.

And I had not answered any of them.

Without hesitating, I returned one of my curly-haired friend's call. Anxiety would've beat loudly in my chest had it not been for the fact that I was declined right away.

As I filled my lungs with an immense breath, I forced myself to stand and change clothes. Though it was painful, the yearn to go to Hazel's house ached more.


The summery warmth was converting into a wintery fall. Although I was disappointed that I hadn't been able to take advantage of the break and its opportunities, I was still glad that I could see my friends again.

Especially her.

The house seemed to be abandoned when I knocked, and I was afraid that she wasn't home. But slowly but sure, the home came to life. Her steps grew louder and louder, and I could feel how fear and excitement fought for the spot.

"Elena? Is that you?" Hazel's eyes grew wide and troubled, and her face was cut with worry. But there was something behind her emotions; something unwelcoming.

Ignoring the coldness behind her eyes, I attacked her in a hug - a comfort that I had desperately needed. "I missed you so incredibly much, Hazel. You have no idea."

Her touch was warm and gentle, yet, it felt foreign. Unfamiliar.

What happened?

"What happened?"

We might not have seen each other for weeks, and our contact might have been cut off so abruptly and cold. But it was without any doubt that we wondered about the same thing: what happened to you?

She led me to the living room, letting me sit down while she prepared some drinks.

"I. . ." It was a heavy start, and I felt disheartened to see such distant response from her. Suddenly, my injuries seemed to only be a mere scratch. "I was in Norway visiting my grandmother," my lies were steady and free from hesitation. "She signed me up for this viking camp, and well, you can imagine the rest."

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