How Many Guys Are There!

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                                                      How Many Guys Are There
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 "Scream and I will cut her throat." He said

I literally had to hold myself back from screaming my head off this very instance but he had my best friend and she was counting on me not to make a mistake so I did exactly what he said and I didn't scream.

"Alright now both of you turn around." He said still in a deep voice and Brianna barely managed to turn around without passing out. I didn't want to turn around, I feared if I turned around, Miranda would die and something horrible would happen to Brianna and me.

"Turn around NOW!" He yelled with uncontrolled anger as he tightened his hold on Miranda making the knife undoubtedly sink into her skin a little bit and Miranda grimaced in pain so immediately after seeing her in pain and fearing for her safety I turned around.

"That is a good little girl and if you turn around I will shoot you all through the head." He said and I honestly believed that this disgusting man would probably shoot me right between the eyes if I made him any more mad and he wouldn't even blink.

I just waited there as I heard some movement and then I felt someone grabs my wrists, startled I jerked my wrists as an immediate reaction but I froze when I felt the cold metal barrel of a gun pressed on the side of my head and scared for my life I stopped struggling and pretty much breathing.

Slowly I felt the barrel of the gun leave my head, whoever this person was continued to tie my hands.

The odd thing was the fact that this person who was tying me didn't tie it to tight that it would hurt.

Why would he go out of his way to make sure my hands were not tied too tightly?

After a couple of minutes he got done tying me and in an inhuman speed pulled me in front of him and held me into his chest. I squeezed my eyes shut and I trembled a little bit after the sudden uncalled for movement.

"Don't open you eyes Layla." He said WAIT HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME and what also shocked me was that this voice wasn't the voice of the other man! So there is more then one guy, but this guy sounds a whole lot more sexier then the other guy that's for sure.

       Miranda's POV (a few minutes ago)

I could feel the knife being dug into my skin as I was looking at Layla and she turned around once she saw me in pain.

Relieved after the man eased up on the knife, allowing the pain in my neck to lessen.

Then all if a sudden he got pulled off of me, hope stirred up inside of me someone came to rescue us!

I was turned around and slammed face first into some man's chest, weirdly being so close to this man calmed me down.

  I immediately tried to squirm out of his chest but he held me tighter, but known to never give up I started to push on his chest to try to find a weak spot. 

Gosh is this guy made out of stone or something! He didn't even move when I shoved him.

I was really starting to get mad at the fact I couldn't do anything, but just then an evil thought came into my head.

I decided that I was going to pinch him, what he didn't know was that I used to make people cry with my Death Pinch.

Grabbing his skin and twisting it painfully he immediately let go of me as if i burned him and jumped away putting his hand on the spot where I pinched him.

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