The Mysterious Person

                                   Unknown POV

  It was dark as I watched silently from the sidelines as three girls are walking on a lonely dark road. Now it's time, time to make my mark and claim what's mine. As I was stepping out of the shadows I heard a loud, cold, and collective voice ring out "You girls really shouldn't be out here all by yourself." As soon as I heard that voice I ducked back in the bushes. That was close, to close.

 "Show yourself!" One girl commanded as I was silently watching, I couldn't make myself known until I know for sure who the threat is.

 "You, little girl don't tell me what to do." Said the cold voice again, as I strained my eyes to find out where the voice was coming from.

 "Pl-Please d-don't hu-hurt us" Another girl stuttered, and I momentarily wondered if she was going to faint.

 "Hmm, we'll see." Said the voice as if in deep thought

 "Oh, my gosh just show yourself already!" Said Layla, as she was obviously scared, making me want to jump out and protect her, but I had to hold myself back, I still don't know if there is more than one.

 Just then I noticed a man behind the first girl. Before I could even blink he grabbed the first girl from behind and pulled her into his chest as he held a knife to her throat

 "Scream and I will cut her throat." He said in a cold, deep voice

  I noticed that the girl that he had a knife to her throat was sruggling to stay still so the knife wouldn't dig into her anymore than it already has. While the other girl grew pale and was frozen in her spot Layla was struggling to not scream.

 "Alright now both of you turn around." He said in that cold and deep voice as he directed his order toward Layla and the other girl. The other girl turned around almost immediately but Layla, being the stubborn girl she was, she didn't turn around and I could see how angry that made the man

 "Turn around NOW!" He yelled as he purposely dug the knife into the girl's skin making Layla turn around as soon as she saw her friend in pain.

 "That is a good little girl and if you turn around I will shoot you all through the head." He said coldly as he smirked making my blood boil.

 I saw two other men come from the tree line and I tensed So there is the backup, now what are they?

 I saw that one of them grabbed the girl that had the knife to her throat and slammed her into his chest while glaring and it seemed like he was almost speaking to the other man internally Aha, so their werewolves, and that must be the leader since the other man was bowing slightly

 I then turned my attention back to Layla and the other man grabbed her wrists and Layla started to struggle, the man almost immediately put a gun against her head making her freeze, I tensed up and accidentally stepped on a branch making a crunching noise, crap. The man looked around suspiciously while I was silently pleading for him not to notice me, he turned back to Layla and he slowly lowered the gun and then continued to tie her wrists. 

  He then pulled Layla in-front of himself and led her into a black van with tinted windows that screamed 'I am a kidnapper!' 

 I walked onto the middle of the road as I watched the van pull out and disappear around the curve of the road with only one thing on my mind I will get you back Layla.....

                     Layla's POV

 Marco let out a fierce roar as soon as Miranda told everyone she had a boyfriend, Marco's eyes were pitch black and he was shaking with anger as he started toward Brianna, who was shaking with fear.

 Rome and Darian leaped into action and grabbed Marco before he could get any closer to Brianna

 "Girl's get upstairs and lock yourselves into a room!" Shouted Rome as he and Darian started dragging Marco out of the room. I grabbed Brianna's arms and pulled her up the stairs and all of us ran into a room Miranda slammed the door behind us and locked it.

 "Wow, what's his problem?" I asked as I gently led Brianna to the bed

 "He's a maniac, that's what his problem is." Said Miranda angrily

 "You don't know that." Whispered Brianna 

 "Don't you dare take his side Brianna, we all know that he probably would've hurt you if it wasn't for Rome and Darian." Said Miranda coldly

 "You act as if Rome is a saint! At least I don't have a boyfriend at home!" Shouted Brianna 

 "What are you even talking about!" Miranda shouted back

 "You eye-rape Rome every time he walks into the room! Your practically cheating on Jase!" Brianna shouted again with her voice full of anger

 "I do not!" Miranda shouted

 "Yes you do!" Brianna shouted 

 "I do no-" Miranda was starting to say before I cut her off "ENOUGH!!!!" I yelled at them both before giving them the stink eye 

 "You two are getting out of control. Just calm down, we don't need to fight. Miranda apologize." I stated and then crossed my arms while glaring at Miranda

 "Me! I'm not-" Miranda started to argue against it "Just do it." I said as I cut her off

 "Ugh, fine...... Sorry Brianna." She said in defeat

 "Now Brianna, apologize." I said while glaring at Brianna

 "Sorry, Miranda." Said Brianna 

 "Okay, now that that's over with, who's hungry?" I asked them 

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