The Escape Plan

                Miranda's POV

 As soon as Kidnapper 1 shouted, everyone stopped what the were doing and froze.  I then looked at the house that we stopped at, did I say house? I meant MANSION!!! Holy poo, they must have a lot of money to own this gigantic mansion. I could tell my mouth was agape in awe...

 How did they get all this money? I quickly opened the door and rather fell out, I rushed to my feet but I was tackled from behind and I knew it was kidnapper 1, I prepared myself for the impact and squeezed my eyes shut, but in a split-second Kidnapper 1 shifted and he took the brunt of the impact. He let out a oof as he hit the ground. I struggled to get out of his grasp but that made him hold me tighter and he actually stood up while holding on to me, I'm not sure how he did it, but he did. 

 "Let go of me you psychopath!" I shouted at him as I continued to struggle

 "What did you do?!" I heard Darian roar making turn to see a man holding onto a motionless Layla

 "I didn't do anything!" The man shouted back "She was freaking out and then she just collapsed

 "Layla!" I shouted with fear "Let me go!" I shouted at Kidnapper 1 as tears threatened to spill out Kidnapper 1 reluctantly let me go and I ran to Layla as the man gently placed her down on the ground and Darian hovered around her

 "Move." I commanded Darian as I roughly shoved him out of the way. I knelt by Layla and gently took off her blindfold just to see closed eyes... She was still breathing so she wasn't dead and relief flooded over me.

 "She just fainted." I said

 "Just fainted, you say that like as if it's no big deal!" Darian shouted at me with pitch black eyes as he moved closer to me

 "Stand down Darian!" Kidnapper 1 ordered with so much authority making me jump "That's an order!" 

 I saw Darian move back some as his eyes switched from black to his normal green color which freaked me out. I stood protectively in front of her

 "She faints when she get's to overwhelmed." I said as I turned my eyes back to her

 "Come on let's go inside" Said Kidnapper 1 as he grabbed my arm gently as he led us to the house I could'nt help but look to the forest as a chance to escape "And if you even think about running away, I will catch you and you can say goodbye to your friends." He stated making me glare at him and he just smirked at me

                     Layla's POV

 'Ah, this is so soft' I thought as I snuggled deeper into the nice, warm bed almost falling back asleep

 "Layla?" I heard a feminine voice ask

 "Layla are you awake?" That voice asked again

 "Nooo, I just want to sleep." I answered back as I turned onto my side

 "Layla, get up we need to get out of here." As soon as she said that I immediately jolted up as the memories flooded back and as I jolted up my head collided with someone else's head 

 "Ow!" Shouted Miranda

 "Ugh, sorry." I said rubbing my forehead as I looked up to see Miranda and Brianna standing there looking at me

 "Your okay!" I said relieved as I pulled them both into a hug and they both hugged back

 "Yea I'm fine." Said Miranda "Except for that headache you just gave me" 

 "I could be better." Said Brianna as she frowned

 "Well at least we can see each other again." I said cheerfully

 "Yeah." Said Brianna gloomily

 "Okay gals, we got to get out of here." Said Miranda "and I have a plan." she said smirking at the end

                        Kidnapper 1 POV

 "She is fine." I shouted at Darian since he has been pacing for the past half hour

 "Sorry, Alpha" He said bowing slightly to me and I just nodded

 "How you talked to my mate, your Luna is not acceptable." I told him with anger lacing my voice and Darian looked sadly at me

 "I know Alpha, I am truly sorry. I just couldn't control myself, but I know that's no excuse" He said sadly and I knew that he honestly didn't mean to frighten his Luna

 "Just don't do it again." I told him 

 "Yes Alpha." He replied "What are we going to do about the Beta?" 

 "I- I don't know yet. But I'll figure something out," I told him honestly "The real question, is what are we going to tell our mates. I mean we can't just go up to them and say-" I was interrupted by the sound of glass breaking... All of us shot up the stairs to see what happened....

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