The Escape Plan in Action

                              Layla's POV

 After Miranda told us the plan she threw a lamp through the window making a huge hole and a loud noise as she did so, then I dropped my sandals out of the window while accidentally cutting myself on some glass and ran back to the closet. We all hid in there.

 Then we heard shouting and they started breaking the door down, since we locked them out with it. Finally when they broke the door down Kidnapper 1, Kidnapper 2/Darian, and a guy that I have never seen before entered the room. They immediately looked at the broken window and ran to it. 

 Looking out through the window, Darian shouted "They wen't through the window, her sandals are down there!" Then Kidnapper 1 and Darian ran out of the room, but the stranger stayed. The stranger eyed the window closely, then he came toward the closet and he peered in at us and my heart was racing but luckily there was a whole bunch of winter coats hanging. Just when I thought he had seen us he turned away and immediately left the room.

 "Let's go." Said Miranda and I nodded still trying to calm my pounding heart. We climbed out of the closet and ran out of the room to find ourselves in a long hallway and I looked confusingly at both of the ways we could go.

 "This way." Said Brianna and we followed her into a family room, man, everything in this house is expensive "Come on." Said Brianna knocking me back into reality and we followed her until we came to a door, a fancy door.

 "Is that the one?" I asked

 "Of course it is. When have you seen a door that fancy and it not lead outside?" Brianna snapped

 "I've never seen a door that fancy, ever." I said, ignoring her snappiness and she just glared at me, and Miranda opened the door....

 Then we saw the great outdoors making me smile, I always liked it outside all the fresh air.

 "Okay let's go." Said Miranda as she began leading us up the driveway. We walked for a while but the sound of a vehicle heading this way is what scared us, we all jumped into the ditch that was beside us and guess what, we landed in mud. Luckily the car sped away without casting a second glance, but we were all covered in mud, like literally completely covered in mud. We were all covered from head to toe in mud. Miranda luckily didn't get mud in her face unlike me and Brianna. I couldn't see anything which started to make me panic

 "Mir-Miranda, I-I can't s-see." I stuttered as I furiously tried to wipe away the mud that was over my eyes

 "Layla stop!" Miranda said in a stern voice "It's okay, I'm right here." She said gentler as she grabbed my mud covered hands.

              Miranda's POV

I grabbed Layla's and Brianna's hands as I led them to a little pond. I was luckily able to calm Layla down just enough so she doesn't freak out on me. She's had a bad past from not being able to see and it has haunted her since. I gently pushed Layla into the pond and she giggled at the cool water making me smile, Layla is still a kid in some ways, she just loves water to much for her own good. I then pushed Brianna a little rougher then I pushed Layla, I was still mad at her for how she acted toward Layla. Layla was never rich, actually she was rather poor. Brianna on the other hand is filthy rich, but me, I would say that I wasn't poor or rich. I was raised in a loving home, and I cherished that, the other girls didn't have it so lucky. 

 Layla immediately scrubbed her eyes free from the mud and she looked intensely around until her big green eyes spotted me. She smiled at me and waved, making me smile and wave back.

 "Aren't you going to clean off?" Layla asked and I walked into the pond.

 After we all got cleaned off we decided to head off. I'm not sure which way we are going, heck we could be going back to the house for all I know. We are definitely a little lost.

 After about  twenty minutes of walking we saw the house making me groan and Layla sighed.

 "Darn, this way felt right." I said to nobody and loud growl came from behind us making all of us freeze in our spots. I looked over to Layla to see if she heard it too and the way she looked frozen in her spot answered that question.

 I slowly turned to face the thing that growled at us and I was a shocked to see a gigantic wolf standing there with pitch black eyes staring at me. My eyes widened in shock and Brianna fainted while Layla screamed. That seemed to trigger the wolf because he slowly and seemingly teasingly walked toward us. But out of nowhere a young man who was shirtless stood in-front of us. He looked at the wolf with confidence.

 "You are trespassing on private property!" He said loudly but the wolf just growled louder until he lounged at the man. I let out a silent scream but Layla let out a loud scream. What we see next will most-likely haunt me for years to come. I heard bones breaking and then the man turned into a wolf. A wolf, a freaking wolf.

 Okay there we go, so this chapter we went a little bit into the girls past. All of them grew up in different homes and different scenarios. What did you think of that chapter? Oh and a little question, I am curious whose POV do you like better? Also, who do you think the stranger is? Did I make any mistakes? If so please let me know and I will do my best to fix them. Please remember to Vote and Comment, I love reading all of your guys' comments :D. Are you excited for the next chapter? I know I am and I already have an idea of how it's going to go. 

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