Mirnanda's POV

"Do you think he is still down there?" Asked Layla

 "I'm not sure, I don't hear anything." I answered as I had the door opened a crack as I was silently listening

 "How about I go check, and if they are not there I will come and get you." I said

 "No! We must all stick together." Argued Layla 

 "Well then let's go." I said as I walked out the door in the hallway, after making many turns and getting lost twice, we finally found the kitchen and it was huge.

 Just then Rome walked in the kitchen but froze when he saw us, us on the other hand crossed our arms while glaring at Rome, and I saw Layla grab a huge kitchen knife as she glared evilly at Rome. 

 "When were you going to tell us that Marco was taken care of?" I asked while still glaring at him

 Rome slowly put his hands up before answering, "I was just about to go do that but, I was going to make you food first." He said and I thought it over

 "Girl's HUDDLE!"  yelled and us girls got in a group huddle

 "Okay, he was going to make us food." I said 

 "Yeah, but who knows what he was going to make." Said Layla making a point

 I broke out of the huddle to face Rome "What were you going to make?" I asked him

 "Whatever you gals would like." Answered Rome with his hands still up

 I narrowed my eyes at him before answering him "Macaroni and Cheese" 

 I ran back into the huddle

 "Macaroni and cheese." I told them and they nodded in agreement

 "So have we met a conclusion?" I asked them and they nodded, we all broke away from the huddle and faced Rome who hasn't moved a muscle since Layla grabbed that knife 

 "Okay, we have made a decision.......... we won't kill you." I told him and I saw Layla put back the knife

 "Okay, good." Said Rome before slowly lowering his hands and starting to cook

Me and the girls sat at the table waiting for our food while making a little attempt at talking

 "Remember when Shawn jumped into the lake when it was winter?" I asked the girls while trying to hold back my laughter

 "Oh my gosh yeah, the time when he jumped in but the lake was frozen solid." Said Layla as all of us broke into laughter

 "That was so funny, and he actually hurt himself doing that." Said Brianna laughing hard

 "Whose Shawn?" Asked Rome

 "My brother." I answered and he smiled at me making my heart flutter

 "So you girls have boyfriends?" He asked again

 "Yeah," I answered

 "Yup." Answered Layla

 "..............No.............." Answered Brianna slowly as if embarrassed

 "Oh good, now I can tell Marco and he won't try to kill all of us." Said Rome as he set bowls of macaroni and cheese before each of us making my stomach growl. I started eating with a spoon and Rome rushed out of the room

 after we finished eating we were going to go back upstairs but Marco ran into the room, he ran straight to Brianna before we could even reeact, and he then pulled her into his arms

                                              Brianna's POV

 He pulled me into his arms and I froze, fear overwhelmed me. He was breathing heavily and was tense

 It felt so good to be in his arms but yet I was scared, would he hurt me?

 "I am sorry." He mumbled into me neck "I never meant to scare you, and I would never hurt you." 

 I immediately felt some relief at that "I just thought I would never find my mate." He said honestly and I was so happy 

 But then It all came crashing down, all the hatred and disgust in that look that he gave me from before. I pulled away from him making him growl before pulling me back to him again

 "What? What is it?" He questioned

 "You don't wan't me." I said as tears fell from my eyes

 "No, no, no, no, no, please don't cry." Said Marco pleadingly as he wiped the tears from my eyes but that just made me cry harder 

 "I- I know that I'm not beautiful, or sexy, or fun, or nice." I sniffled

 "No, your all of them and above and beyond what I could hope for, your beautiful and sexy, your nice and fun, your, your just amazing." Marco said as he looked into my eyes and I looked into his, I could see love, passion, and adoration in his eyes

 "But- but your were angry and disgusted." I said

 "I was angry and disgusted at myself, I was mad that I kept scaring you and I was disgusted at myself because I hurt you, and for that I am truly sorry. I know I don't deserve a second chance but I will literally beg for you to give me a second chance, I don't want to lose you right after I just found you." He said with pleading eyes

 "Of-of course I forgive you." I answered honestly

 He pulled me into a hug "Thank God." He said 

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