Miranda's  Pov

"WHERE IS SHE?!" Marco shouted, rage filled his eyes "ITS  BEEN DAYS! STILL NOTHING!!"

"Marco please calm down." Rome eased, reaching out slowly and putting a hand on Marco's shoulder

Jerking back, Marco's face filled with anger "My mate is MISSING and you tell me to calm down!?!" Marco dangerously got in Rome's face, my anger was bulding up at the disrespectful act.  "I will NOT calm down!! Not until my mate is FOUND" Marco angrily shouted backing away from Rome

Rome grabbed Marco so suddenly Marco was left speachless "I need you to calm down." Rome said pleadingly "I'll need your help when find her, and we will find her. Some of the best trackers are in this pack."

Marco took a breath, and broke down in Rome's arms. Falling onto his knees, Marco sobbed loudly. Rome right there to comfort him in his time of need.

"You don't understand Rome, I need her. I don't want to live without her. She's the light in the darkness." Grabbing Rome's shirt he looked into Rome's eyes "Promise me that we will find her."

"I promise"

Eh, this chapter probably sucks... and its short... sorry. I'm already working on the next chapter though and I'll get it out tonight. I didn't want to combine the two though. so hurray?

Let me know if there is any mistakes please, thank you

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