The Mate Bond

Miranda's POV (Pic of Miranda)

"Um," Marco started saying before pausing as if to gather his own thoughts, while I on the other hand was just waiting impatiently for him to continue "What you're feeling most likely has to do with that mate bond." He said, I was about to ask him what was a mate bond but he held up his hand as if to tell me to 'be quite for a moment'.

"The mate bond was created by the moon goddess, so that when a werewolf finds his or her mate, they will immediately feel some attraction for each other. Now since you are human, we aren't really sure how much of the mate bond you feel." He said "Do you feel anything when you touch Rome, as in skin to skin contact?" Marco asked hesitantly as if afraid of what the answer would be

Well truthfully, I do. I feel those weird sparks whenever we touch skin. "Yeah, I do." I told him after I thought it over. "And what do you feel?" He asked hopefully "I feel sparks." I told him, and Marco smiled a smile of relief. Hmm, why would he be relieved

"You see, that's the mate bond. It sorta makes you feel things toward Alpha Rome that you would never feel with anyone else." Marco said "You will most likely never look or think of anyone else the way you look at or think of Rome."

I gasped in horror at what he said "You mean I won't be able to pick who I want to marry? Or who I love? You mean to tell me that my fate is already decided?!" I asked with horror and anger lacing my voice and Marco just shook his head no

"You won't want to love anyone else." Said Marco truthfully

"NO!" I shouted at him making him flinch back as I jumped up "I will not have my fate decided for me!" I shouted again making Marco take a step back "No, don't move!" I told Marco angrily while pointing my finger threateningly at him "Who did it!" I yelled and Marco just looked at me confusingly "Who did it!" I yelled at him before walking up to him and glaring at him

"Who d-did what Luna?" He asked with a slight stutter and I studied his eyes for a moment, he was scared. That's for sure, he's never seen me like this and that frightens him.

"Who found us?" I asked him in a calm voice

"Uh-umm.. Uh" He began to say but he couldn't get the words out "WHO!" I yelled directly in his face making him flinch back "We all did." He said in a frightened voice. Before I could realize what's happening to me, I heard a loud slapping sound echo throughout the room.

"What the heck!" Said Brianna before running past me to get to Marco

I just stood there, as the shock of what I had done settled within me.

I looked at my stinging hand and then I slowly looked over to Marco.

"Why the heck did you slap him!" Brianna shouted angrily at me before turning her attention to a shocked looking Marco as he held his cheek

"Wh-what have I done." I mumbled to myself as I took a step back from them "I'm turning into a monster." I told myself quietly before racing from the room while ignoring the shouts of Brianna

I needed to find Layla, she would help me...

Layla's POV

I was just laying on my comfortable bed while thinking of the date me and Darian had. I really enjoyed my date, Darian even asked me if it would be okay if he kissed me, which was a really big shocker to me. I disappointingly had to tell him no, I'm no cheater, and until I have a chance to break of with Ryan, I can't kiss him. Darian was hurt at first but when I told him the reason why, he understood.

I was immediately awakened from my thoughts when I heard my door slam open. Sitting up I saw a very sad, confused and tear-stained Miranda.

Shutting the door behind her she hesitantly took a step closer to me. Before she could take another step, I jumped up and pulled her into a hug.

"Shh, shh. It's alright Miranda. It's alright." I told her as I rubbed her back while still hugging her, she tentatively wrapped her arms around me and returned the hug. After a few moments, she started sobbing.

That's when I knew... Something is seriously wrong

Okay another chapter complete! Guess what, I was playing outside with my family, and I twisted my ankle pretty bad. So please pray for me, since I can't even put any pressure on it right now.

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